24: Legacy–3:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.

I have one complaint about this show (haha, okay I probably have a bunch, but whatever) and that is they should have had Jack Bauer still say “the following takes place between 3:00 p.m. and 4:00 p.m., all events occur in real time.” I like Carter, but he just does not have the voice for that intro. Tiny quibble.

One of the plots that this series loves is the rogue agent. Not as in a bad guy agent, but I mean that CTU wants to do something a certain way and Jack (and in this instance Carter) must go against the agency and do something crazy. Mullens wants Rebecca and Carter on board, but he does not necessarily agree with their plan to have Grimes and Carter meet with some arms dealer to get intel on where Khalids men are located. So, instead of doing what normal folks would do (discuss another option and actually implement that plan), Carter busts Grimes out and then has Rebecca and I.T. Guy send him the schematics for some weapons system they can use to trade with the arms dealer. Also, it is good to know that after 40 years (or however long it has been in the 24verse since the first season with Jack Bauer, I mean they have been through like 16 presidents) that the guards at CTU are still as inept as ever. You would think after all the times Jack took out the CTU guards in Los Angeles that someone would be like “maybe we should upgrade our training program for guards.”

Can we talk about the level of care Drew is receiving at Washington General (hehehe) Hospital or whatever it’s called. I mean, is that what happens because of Obamacare? First off, where was Drew’s mom? Her son is in a coma and she is nowhere to be found. I left Lindsey’s side for like ten minutes to get food and I made sure there was someone else in the room. If she were in a coma, my ass would be planted in that chair for days. No one is making me leave. Secondly, once his vitals start to drop, alarms start going off and yet no nurses show up. I bumped one of Lindsey’s monitors and the nurse was there in like .43 seconds. Nurses are awesome!

Did Nicole kill one of terrorists in the first episode? I cannot remember. If so, she is having no troubles dealing with that trauma. Also, was the cop who arrested her (not the dirty cop, but the one who was still in the car when Carter’s brother paid him off) the same cop that Carter took hostage? If so then that guy has had a pretty wacky day. In other side story news, I did not see Major Dad actually confessing his crimes so quickly to Jimmy Smits. But why did the uncle lie? That was weird.

I think Jack would have done basically the same. He would most definitely break his partner out and use him to get the bad guys. Chloe would hack the DOD and steal some insane missile schematic. The only difference is that Jack would never sit down. During the meeting with Rebecca and Mullens, Jack would have paced the room screaming about how they have no time. He most certainly would not have agreed to a debriefing. The second that guy questioned Jack about any of his moves, Bauer would have smashed his head off the table and tied him up. You do not debrief Jack Bauer! He debriefs the world! I have no clue what that means.