24: Legacy–4:00 p.m. to 5:00 p.m.

Okay, I love 24. I have seen Jack Bauer do some insane things over the course of like 40 seasons (it wasn’t that many?). Remember the time he was tortured so hard that he died, like twice, and they jumped his heart, only to torture him some more? And then he escaped and managed to still take down like 25 guys? Or how about the time the Chinese tortured him for a solid four months and he never said a thing. What about that time when the President of the United States turned out to be the bad guy? or when Jack went after him in full body armor. I have watched insanely complex terrorist plots foiled within seconds. I have seen improbable family connections spring up and somehow tie into the bad folks. And I remember a mountain lion…yeah, a fuckin’ mountain lion. There have been some pretty ridiculous things in this show and I always suspend disbelief and roll with it…but this last episode went too far.

What am I talking about? Ben Grimes is handed a pair of scissors to trim his beard on their way to meet the arms dealer. The next time we see him:  clean shaven. So while they were driving, he whips out a can of shaving cream and a razor and gives himself a nice shave. No bleeding, no scratches. Nothing. I am sorry, but I just do not buy it! As dirty and gross as Ben was, trying to shave that beard off would be a nightmare in optimal conditions, let alone in a car in like 10 minutes. No, I am sorry, but this show has definitely gone too far!

What other stuff happened? Well, Ben took a bullet to his nice clean shaven face. Carter takes down the arms dealer crew, but not before the leader slits his own throat, then his computer begins to erase itself. Locke has proven that his team is pretty inept. CTU has terrible hiring practices. What else happened? The terrorist leader had to kill his right hand man because the guy decided to initiate the one sleeper cell (just so happens to be our kids at the school). And Isaac convinces Nicole to stay there with him while he snuffs out the rat in his crew. Or something, I wasn’t really paying attention to that shit-show.

One thing I found weird was the Amira/BrotherAmira/FatherAmira relationship. FatherAmira works out of town (or back in the old country?), their mother is dead (?) and Amira lives with her brother, who works construction, but never shows up. Am I the only one who finds this whole dynamic a bit odd? Oh and people in the village know that BrotherAmira is a terrorist.

I definitely enjoyed Major Dad’s balls of steel. He just straight up starts lying his ass off. Now it just makes his son look kind of crazy. Also, did CTU give up on the torture packages? Remember those from back in the day? They would just inject suspects with a chemical that caused intense pain? Granted, it was never as effective as Jack’s methods (i.e. towel down the throat, lamp cord electrocution), but still fun to hear “prepare an interrogation package.”

I am pretty sure Jack would have shot Ben when the ArmsDealerLeader told him to kill him. Jack would have shot him in the chest, somewhere that Ben could almost die, but medics could save him if they got there fast enough. Also, Jack would never wait for Locke and his team. He would have begun torturing ArmsDealerLeader before any suicide could happen. That guy would have spilled his guts in like 45 seconds. Chloe would probably hack the guys computer from a virus she installed on Jack’s phone that would somehow infect the Dealer’s computer. Oh and Chloe would never let herself be “put on the bench” like that other I.T. guy. She would framed that other girl in order to keep helping Jack.