Trappist-1 Planets

I am sure everyone has heard about the big news from NASA: the discovery of seven rocky planets orbiting a dwarf star. There are a ton of cool things about this discovery. The potential for life being one of the biggest. All seven planets could have liquid water, especially three which are located inside the habitable zone. Very exciting!

I highly suggest watching the above video and also playing around with the 360-degree video below. This video is a rendering of what it could look like from one of the planet’s surface. You can see the other planets with the naked eye. Think about how cool it would be to go outside and see Venus close enough to make out details like clouds.

And naturally, NASA already has the cool traveling poster made for one of the planets…

I said it back during NASA’s big announcement of Kepler-452b and I will say it again: we will find evidence of alien life in my lifetime.  The nice thing about Trapist-1 is that it is only 40 light years away, meaning we can study it a little easier. Scientists have said they should be able to learn a ton about the planets within the next ten years (specifically the presence of organics and some form of life). That is incredible! I should probably stress that this is not the time to be trying to make budget cuts to NASA, in fact, maybe we should push for more funding.

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