24: Legacy–5:00p.m. to 6:00 p.m.

Was this the weakest episode so far? I mean, yeah some huge stuff happened, but who didn’t see that shit coming?

Carter and Locke failed to get the terrorists. And they obviously hate each other. How long until Locke dies?  I bet three episodes. Especially after that sweet not a hero burn from the IT guy/ex-boyfriend.

It was pretty obvious that Nicole and Isaac would be kidnapped by the terrorists. When has CTU ever achieved anything without Jack Bauer? The random agents are always useless. Carter will most likely go rogue and kidnap IT guy…instead of just telling Rebecca the situation.

The big thing to happen was the death of Jenkins! I did not see that coming. Wait, who the heck is Jenkins? Allow me to rewind…

The teacher kills the brother, forcing Amira to carry out the plan. She says goodbye to her dad and leaves to blow up the George Washington Bridge. The dad frees himself and calls the police. CTU calls the officer on-duty at the GWB, who happens to be Officer Jenkins. He clears the bridge as best he could, then shoots Amira. But, while checking the cab, she grabs the detonator and blows herself, Jenkins,  and the GWB to smithereens.  Poor Jenkins, that man was a true hero…

Is the Major Dad/Jimmy Smits story even remotely interesting? Are they going to torture the dad to find out what he knows or not? If not, then it is lame. Also, what are the odds that Jimmy Smits aide will convince him to stay in the race? She will have some crazy plan on how to spin this whole situation to make Smits look good. And he will say something like “that is just crazy enough that it might work!”

What would Jack do? Well we know what Jack would do because I am pretty sure the terrorists have used his family against him like 45 times. And every single time, he goes rogue and stops the bad guys, usually does something insane that people just ignore once his family is safe. In fact, when Carter was playing nice with Locke, it reminded me of how Jack would at least try to get along with his coworkers for a few episodes. So in this story, Jack and Carter are on the same path. Now, Carter will probably enlist the help of Isaac’s crew and somehow Tony (not sure how that is going to tie-in), whereas Jack would only trust Chloe and maybe someone else…like Tony, haha.