24: Legacy–6:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.

Carter recruits IT Guy to help him out. It actually was pretty easy to convince him, I assumed there would be some threats or something. Unfortunately, when IT Guy goes back inside to get his laptop, he is not very subtle with Locke, who then follows the duo and confronts them. Not sure who was winning the fight between Carter & Locke, they seemed evenly matched. I thought for sure Carter would shoot him in the leg or something, but I guess not. Anyways, they head to Jidalla’s meeting and the exchange goes off perfectly. Not exactly sure why though. I mean, there were multiple opportunities for one of Jidalla’s men to shoot Carter while he was saying goodbye to Nicole or Isaac. Or what about when Isaac & Nicole get in the truck and leave? Why doesn’t Carter start shooting at the bad guys? I mean, if he and IT Guy die, who cares, their plan is to die anyways. I guess they need to insure that the flashdrive is destroyed. Then how come Jidalla takes Carter alive? Why not put a bullet in his head?

The other story focuses on Major Dad and Rebecca. She has Mullens send her father-in-law to a black site, where they can torture use enhanced interrogation techniques. Turns out the guy running the site is our old friend TONY ALMEIDA! Turns out he is free from prison (although Mullens says that Tony is a criminal) and that he once had a little thing with Rebecca. Things are about to get crazy when the Senator arrives! Tony does seem a little more calm and hopefully not so hellbent on revenge as he was the last few times we saw him.

Here is my prediction for what will happen:  Locke will free himself and manage to intercept Isaac and Nicole before the bad guys kill them. Locke will call CTU and have a team after Jidalla. Unfortunately, IT Guy will crack under the pressure and be forced to actually fix the flashdrive. Carter will escape with Locke’s help and together they will have to rescue IT Guy. That is just my guess.

Would Jack lead someone else into a suicide mission? Or would he make sure there was  an escape plan? In all honesty, if confronted by Locke, Jack may have found a way to use the guy. Jack would have Locke set up as a sniper and take out some of the guys once his wife and brother were safe. How many times did we see Jack call in help from Tony or some other person he knew? Jack was never afraid to die, but he did not like to sacrifice someone else. Can you imagine him telling Chloe that she would probably die in the mission?