24: Legacy–7:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

Who called that one? Well probably everyone watching, but I definitely said that Isaac’s crew would go up against the bad guys at some point. I also wondered during the firefight what would happen since Jadalla lost like 85% of his men. At some point, he cannot have anymore henchmen. As it turns out, one of those guys is some other secret evil bad guy that Carter recognizes and now will begin the bigger story.

The big question is probably whether or not Isaac will die. I mean, you cannot profess your love for your ex-girlfriend/sister-in-law and expect to make it out alive. None of the conversation between Isaac & Nicole ever seemed to fit with the situation. And if you are in a truck, being shot at by crazy terrorists in another truck, if you came to a dead end, would you:  1) get out and make a run for it OR 2)  turn the truck around and try to drive away. I would probably go with the second option. Yeah, I get that they are shooting at you, but if you drive straight at them, they could veer off (and if you stay on the driver’s side, the passenger cannot shoot so easily at you). It seems like a better move than getting out to run.

IT Guy earns the honor of me remembering his name: Andy. Dude took a knife to the leg and lasted like 12 seconds before agreeing to help Jadalla. Also, would the government really launch an airstrike on our own soil as well as take out some citizens in order to stop the terrorists? In the 24verse, that probably happens weekly (they didn’t even need presidential approval, Secretary of Defense was good enough). I feel like in older seasons, this would have been something the president debated about, then ultimately made his decision, while his Chief of Staff disagreed. After it was all said and done, the Chief of Staff would hand in his letter of resignation. I swear cabinet members and advisors on this show resign every other episode.

Over in the other story, Major Dad holds out on the torture. Tony is frustrated. Rebecca and Senator Smits look to be having marital problems, since she probably uses these techniques all of the time. This episode had a very familiar feeling to it. The middle of the season conclusion, which turns out to really be the beginning of something much scarier and deadlier.

Jack would have broken himself out of the chair in a similar way, but he would have used a chair leg to murder someone. Also, he would have made sure that grenade made it’s way to Andy. Probably yelling “Andy, this is the only way!” The big difference would have been the ending. Once Jack recognized the supervillain, he would have been off after the guy. He would have called someone to help Isaac and then grabbed a vehicle and went out on his own tracking the baddie, most likely calling Chloe with some random CTU agent’s phone. Actually, he would have taken Locke’s gun, phone, and truck to go after the new bad guy. That is just how Jack Bauer rolls. No time to waste on family members almost dying.