Dark Tower Poster

The Dark Tower finally has a poster. I like it, it looks a little like Inception/Dr.Strange. I am cautiously optimistic. I have a feeling that most book fans want a straight adaptation, but that is not this movie. This is a continuation of the story, but in a different medium. The key will be (haha key, already the Tower is infecting my mind) capturing the essence of the characters, despite them being in new/different situations. I cannot imagine Jake being a different kid this time around, he is still ‘Bama who likes to have the crusts cut off his sandwiches. Roland is still a hardened gunslinger who has chased the tower for so long and lost so many friends. He has done unspeakable deeds in the name of his quest, but also has a strong sense of honor. Think back to the descriptions of Roland (especially those from Cort or his father), they always say how he lacks imagination and is a very no nonsense, straight to the point, lacks any subtlety character. The journey we take with him and his ka-tet allows us to see a change in that man. Hopefully the movie can capture that during this cycle of ka.