Game of Thrones: Season 7 Teaser

July 16th seems so far away. Four months to wait for the seventh season? To wait for The Great War? Does anyone think that GRRM will publish The Winds of Winter before then? HAHAHAHA, probably not. I have a feeling the show will be done, the spinoff series will be finished, and everyone will have moved on to the next great series from HBO by the time GRRM finishes the next book.
Anyways, some questions for the new season:
-Where will Daenerys land and attack first? After Cersei destroyed much of the King’s Landing, it would probably be pretty easy to overtake the city. But the problem with King’s Landing is Blackwater Bay, especially if Tyrion’s chain and Cersei’s wildfire is still a usable defense. My guess is that either Dorne & Highgarden march together and link up with Daenerys at Storm’s End. How fitting would that be? The place where Daenerys was born will be the place where Cersei’s enemies annoint her the true queen of Westeros.
-The Clegane Battle. Does it actually happen? I saw somewhere that the two actors were on location together, so it seems they are destined for a showdown. Ready for a crazy theory? Whatever Qyburn did to bring FrankenMountain back will be somewhat close to the Night’s King and his power over the dead. The Night’s King will turn FrankenMountain into one of his wights and Sandor Clegane will be the only one to stop him.
-How does Daenerys react to a King in the North (once she secures Westeros)? Does she realize the danger posed by the White Walkers? Do her forces and the North combine to defeat this undead enemy?
What questions do you have for the new season?