Justice League & Spider-Man Trailers

I don’t care! I don’t care! I don’t care!!!!

I don’t care that no one has any expectations for this movie. I don’t care that people hate the DCCU. I don’t care that these films have a dark tone. I don’t care. I am excited for this movie and that is all that matters. If the movie does suck, but Aquaman ends up being cool as shit, will they continue with his standalone film?

And on the safer side…we have Spider-Man: Homecoming. I really want to see it, but i know it will be good. Hell, I can probably predict the entire movie. The Marvel movies are awesome, but they are fairly predictable at this point. Although this one looks like it is taking a cue from the Raimi Spidey films and giving the villain a little bit of a soul. I rewatched Spider-Man 2 the other day and Alfred Molina’s Doctor Octopus still holds up as a great bad guy. You can understand his madness. He wants to achieve fusion because…well his wife would not have died in vain. He is finding meaning in the meaningless. Hopefully Vulture (who I thought was an odd choice for this film’s protagonist) can be even half as interesting (and 100x more interesting than the normal Marvel baddie).