Wow! This movie blew me away. If you took out the mutant stuff and had Logan as just a washed up soldier trying to get his kid to safety and you released the movie in December, it would probably get an Oscar nomination. Okay, maybe not, but it was seriously that good.

From here on out there will be spoilers…

The movie is set in 2029, the mutants are mostly gone. Logan is old and his healing factor works incredibly slow. Xavier has a brain disease that causes seizures, which unfortunately can have devastating effects on those nearby. Logan comes across X-23, a little girl that was cloned from his DNA. She has claws, admantium, and his berserker rage. Logan & Charles need to get her to Eden, which may or may not exist as a safe haven for mutants. Unfortunately they are being pursued by the Reavers.

The movie is much more than that though. It does not fit into the X-Men movie timeline, which allows it to create a different future and not give a damp about the consequences. It keeps Logan true to himself and goes down the road exploring what the life he has led would do to a person. He is a broken man, wanting to die and having basically given up on the world. Then his daughter comes along and reminds him that there are still things worth fighting for.

So what did I love and hate?

-The action! From the first scene of Wolverine fighting some guys trying to steal his tires to the final battle with the Reavers. This movie captured the rage of Logan better than any film since X2. The bloody nature of it definitely helped remind us of the savagery of our hero.

-The battle between Logan and his clone. That was brutal and about what you would expect from two Wolverines.

-Speaking of X-24, was there anything worse than Xavier’s death? He talks to Logan about how he knows what he did in West Chester and then he looks at his old friend, who stabs him in the chest. The look in Patrick Stewart’s eyes in that moment was heart-wrenching.

-Speaking of death…ahhhh, I definitely cried when Laura turns the cross on it’s side to make an X.

-There was a funny part where the kids cut Logan’s beard. I loved that he just leaves it. I feel like so many movies would have a scene of him shaving or something. Instead, he leaves it and ends up going to battle with his silly facial hair. Counter that with Arrow, which has Mr. Terrific put his massive afro in braids before they go out to fight crime.  How long does that take?

-I thought the girl who played Laura, Dafne Keen, was phenomenal. She pulled off the rage-like animal/girl brought up to be a weapon struggle very well. And she had moments of curiosity and tenderness that were also cool.

So what did I hate? Well nothing. I mean this movie was a perfect ending for Logan. It is sad to think that we will no longer get to see Hugh Jackman as this character, but at least he ends his run with a remarkable story.

I loved the movie. I would love to know what you thought of it. Does this movie prove that superhero comic book movies can have a solid story, drama, action, and a R-rating, without trying to be overly grim & gritty?

And finally, check out the video below of Hugh Jackman doing the sound dubbing for his big fight scene at the end of the film. I mean, they could easily have someone else record those grunts and growls, but Jackman is dedicated to his craft. Not only that, but he truly gets into it. Maybe this is pretty normal, but I just loved it.