Wonder Woman Trailer #3

I still think this looks great. So much is riding on it’s success. If this movie fails, then it will a be a major blow to female-led superhero films. Also though, it would truly mark the ending of the DCCU (DC Cinematic Universe). Yes, we would still have Justice League, but I would think Aquaman would be totally scrapped. And then in five years we would get a new round of Batman/Superman movies. Look, I want this to be great and from the trailers, it looks pretty great, but at the moment, the DCCU does not have a very good track record. I may have liked BvS (and to a lesser extent Suicide Squad), but I can totally understand the criticisms of those films. That is why this film needs to be better. It already feels different, more hopeful (despite being set during WWI and the horrors of that war), so I hope it can rise above.