24: Legacy–8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m.

I apologize for not writing about the show last week. I watched it, but was just too busy. I hope you can forgive me. I will just combine the two episodes into one big episode. So in the last episode, Naseri breaks into CTU using some security guard’s girlfriend. Carter rescues her, but not before CTU is raided and Jadalla is rescued. Oh and Senator Jimmy Smits is taken by the bad guys. Security at CTU is absolutely terrible. They broke in by holding a guard’s girlfriend hostage. They drive in pretending to be I.T. contractors or something and the guard is like “oh, let them through, I forgot to fill out the paperwork.” Seriously? I did enjoy how the other guards thought it was a joke when he pulled his gun on them…

Anyways, then we come to this episode. Rebecca calls Major Dad and says that Jimmy Smits has been kidnapped. The father finally says that it was Uncle Hector and that he will get him to tell CTU his connection to the terrorists. Uncle Hector is not cool with this idea and whacks Major Dad in the head with a tea carafe. Rebecca receives a phone call from Jadalla, who tells her to come alone to some place and exchange herself for her husband. Naturally she enlists Carter for help. She wants to use herself as bait.

Over in the terrorist camp, Naseri and Smits have a discussion about monsters, and that maybe Rebecca is not that good. It was basically what you expect a terrorist to say. And yet Senator Smits is shocked! Jadalla discoveres that his father is alive! I feel like they could have done a better job of revealing this to the audience. Although, I did enjoy the end of the episode when we hear Rebecca over the phone screaming “he is alive, he is alive!”

Back to the exchange. Carter kills Jadalla with a beautiful sniper shot. Carter kept saying he didn’t have a clear shot, moves position and lines up the shot in like two seconds. Head shot! The field catches fire (yes, that was how Jadalla was going to kill Rebecca…a football field soaked in gasoline) and Carter cannot find Rebecca. It appears that Naseri has her and has taken her back to Two-face. Shit is about to get real crazy.

In other random stuff, the guard’s girlfriend said she heard the bad guys talking about East July. And it turns out to be something connected to the Intelligence Secretary. Could we have another secret bad guy high up in the government? And could Nicole find a worse moment to want to talk to Carter? Isaac seems more than happy to try and push that relationship apart…also, should someone check to see if he has some sort of mutant healing factor? Didnt’ he get shot? And yet he is walking around just fine.

Jack would handle this a little differently than Carter and Rebecca. He would have no problem going rogue to save his own wife, but if Rebecca came to him with this plan to use herself as bait, Jack would insist on involving at least Chloe so that they could have eyes & ears on the situation. Hell, he would probably want to bring Tony into the fold. Also, once Jack could not get an initial shot, he would dive down onto the field and stab Jadalla in the face. Probably with a stick that he would find on the ground.