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I still think the first Thor movie was a perfect mixture of action and humor. The second movie may have been a little weird with the McGuffin, but I still thought it was very enjoyable. It looks like this one has decided to find a better mix of action/adventure and comedy (that Guardians of the Galaxy does so well),

For those that are not in the know, this movie is combining the Norse myth of Ragnarok (their version of armageddon)–which was also used in the comics (I believe Galactus was the impetus behind it, correct?), with the Planet Hulk storyline. In that story, a secret group of superheroes (Professor X, Reed Richards, Iron Man, Dr. Strange, Black Bolt, Namor) decide to send the Hulk to an uninhabited planet that he can live out his days in peace. Unfortunately they make a mistake and the planet is inhabited and the evil ruler has a huge arena where he forces different aliens to fight. Hulk eventually wins his freedom and along with his new friends come to Earth for a bit of revenge (the title was World War Hulk). This entire run for the Hulk was amazing in my opinion. And the fact that the MCU is incorporating this story into their universe makes me very happy.

My question is who makes the decision to shoot Bruce Banner into space? Is that why he was not able to participate in Civil War? Did Tony decide this on his own, or will we learn that he and Bruce came to the decision together? I cannot imagine the movies would want Tony to look like that big of a jerk.

Regardless of what happens in the movie, I am excited for it.

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  1. I’ll betcha that Bruce made the decision by himself. Remember the last time we saw Hulk onscreen? He was flying away alone in the quinjet shortly after rampaging in Sokovia. He stuck around to help with Ultron and then left.

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