Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

I finally got the chance to go see this the other night. I am probably one of the last people to see it, but I guess that is the price you pay to have kids (plus all those bills–seriously, those medical bills are ridiculous). Naturally, I went to see it by myself (after work, during the day, which is less pathetic). I do not care, I have pretty much accepted that most movies will be seen alone until Payton is old enough to go with me (hopefully a few more weeks).

I loved the first movie and would probably say that of the Marvel movies, it ranks up there as one of the best (definitely gets better with each re-watch). The sequel did not disappoint, it captures that silliness without being over the top (or mocking) that made the first one great. From here on out there will be spoilers.

One of my favorite things about the movie was the plot. This was one of the first movies that did not really feature much about the Infinity Stones (yes, there were references, but it did not feel like a long preview for Infinity War). Also, the McGuffin was pretty simple. Kurt Russell is Ego (a living planet, also a Celestial, and Peter Quill’s dad), they need to blow up his cortex in order to defeat him. When they say what needs to be done, it is straightforward and easy to follow. Sometimes those plans seem a little odd (minor quibble about the MCU films). Also, as a bad guy…Ego was pretty damn cool. He was likeable and yet you could immediately tell that there was something up with him. His plan even made sense.

What else did I love?

-Baby Groot. Come on, he steals the show. He was adorable (the end when he climbs on Drax’s shoulder and falls asleep? Reminded me of Payton). Tell me you did not feel bad for him when the Ravagers were taunting him? Also, the joke of him going for the fin. I love those kind of jokes. You know, the one that makes you laugh, then it feels like they have went too long with it, then they go further with it and you start laughing hysterically? Two great examples: The Simpsons-the Cape Fear parody, where Sideshow Bob hops out from under the car and he steps on a rake and it hits him in the face. He does it over and over again. Or on Family Guy, when Peter skins his knee and keeps gasping.

The joke here was similar, Groot comes back with different items instead of Yondu’s fin. By the third thing, the joke starts to get old, but then he comes back with a toe and it just makes the whole thing worth it. Rocket’s commentary does not hurt either.

-Rocket also had some great moments, his constant fighting with Peter, but then his bonding session with Yondu, actually brought a little tear to my eye.

-Yondu’s sacrifice. Come on, when the Ravagers show up to give him a proper send off…it was sad. Also, the daddy comment was great, especially if you think about their relationship in the last movie and how well this one set up that deep down Yondu cared for Peter. Very well executed.

-The opening battle! Groot dancing (Rocket setting up music because Peter likes music and then screwing up the “wink wink”) and Drax thinking he defeated the beast from the inside. And then Peter flirting with the leader of the Sovereign.

-The strange relationship between Drax and Mantis. “You are beautiful…on the inside.” In fact, I would say that again Drax ends up being one of the funniest characters.

-The Zune joke was also great. There are probably people who did not get that one (do they still make them?).

-The end credits were funny and there was a cool set up of Adam Warlock, but the best was Teenage Groot. When his voice cracks as he says “I am Groot” made me chuckle.

-I also enjoyed the reconcilliation between Gamora and Nebula. I am guessing that Nebula will fail in her attempt at killing Thanos, but it was be awesome to watch.

-Am I the only person who expected to see an Avenger show up when Ego’s blob was expanding over the Dairy Queen in Missouri? My thought was either Falcon or Ant-Man (or both) trying to figure out what it is.

-And finally, I thought the way that Star-Lord overcame his father’s hold was through his own emotions. I expected Gamora to come in and proclaim her love for him, or say she wanted to dance, or the rest of the Guardians saying they are his family. Instead, Ego says that he put the tumor in Peter’s mom and that snaps him out of it.

As you can tell, I definitely loved it. What did you think? Also, here are those two jokes I mentioned earlier…