The Defenders Trailer

We finally get to see the four heros working together. I am guessing we will see something similar to every team movie ever. They start out as enemies, then come together with a shaky truce, but get their asses kicked because they do not work as a team. And then someone pulls them together, probably someone’s sacrifice (Claire). It would be great if they just skipped all of that, but Marvel is fairly predictable (not a bad thing).

I do like the chemistry between the four, especially sitting around the table. Also watching them fight in the hallway was pretty cool and it looks like they gel together. The villain is Sigourney Weaver, as maybe the head of The Hand, but I am guessing her secret weapon is Elektra, who will probably be a super-ninja, who can defeat all four of them, until they work together (or maybe Matt has to somehow reach her soul or something).