A Parental Complaint About Restaurants

There is something that drives me crazy about taking Payton out to eat. We get to the restaurant, we have her in the car seat and when we get to the podium, the hostess will say “how many, 2 and a baby?” We say yes and they will say “would you like a highchair?” We respond “do you have a sling?” And the answer is almost always “no, but you can flip the highchair upside down.” Do you want to know why this annoys me?

That is what is on the bottom of the highchair. A warning not to use it the way that a restaurant is telling you to use it. I get it, we both work in the restaurant industry. We understand that highchairs and slings are expensive. If your booths are wide enough, most people will put the car seat in the booth, but sometimes that does not work. Sometimes you need a sling. I am sure some of you are saying “well what is the big deal Josh, it must be safe if they tell you to do it.” It is not safe. Think about it, the highchair is trapezoidal. The base is wider than the top. When you flip it upside down, the base is narrow, but the top wide. I know, crazy! It becomes wobbly and the top is not designed to have much weight.

Now, I am not a lawyer, but I am pretty sure that if you use a product in a way that it tells you not to use it and something happens, then you will be liable for any damages. So restaurants, think of it that way. If some kid gets hurt because you told the parents to use the highchair that way, it will probably cost you a crap ton of money. It makes sense to go out and buy a sling. It will save you money in the long run. And you know, prevent a kid from being hurt or killed.

Not our kid…