An Unhappy Baby

See that? A smiling, happy Payton. Most of you probably think she never cries. In fact, if you notice, most children seem pretty perfect on social media. Everyone posts tons of pictures, but they are almost always of happy kids (you do not need to inundate me with proof that I am wrong and that you post pictures of your kids crying). This is not just something that happens with children either. If you scroll down your Facebook feed, everyone seems to have the perfect life. Well most people. Obviously no one is going to take a picture of you after getting fired. It is one of those things that bothers me for some reason. I mean, none of you people sit around watching reruns of Seinfeld for hours at a time, am I the only one out there not rock climbing and participating in some insane activity? I doubt it, but as soon as I do something like that, guess what? I post it to Facebook! Do not worry folks, I am just as guilty.

So…today I am posting a video of Payton screaming. This was a few days ago, and I apologize for it being vertical. I was trying to be stealthy. I am pretty sure she screamed like that for 45 minutes. I had to jump out of the shower once because it was so loud, I thought maybe she was hurt. I have no clue what she was so salty about, but she just hated the world that day (probably takes after Lindsey–we all know how moody she can be).

See? It is not all rainbows and unicorns over here at Croyle Manor.