Game of Thrones S7 Trailer #2

Season 7 Trailer: Survive

Oh my! What a great way to kick off summer, by reminding us that Winter is Here! Couple of quick thoughts…

-Who do you think Jon Snow is talking to when he says that their families fought together against a common enemy? I have seen a few different theories out there that make sense. My initial thought was Daenerys. Jon is trying to convince her that the White Walkers are the true enemy and he does not care if she has the Iron Throne. Or perhaps the Wildlings, the ones who are not with him. The Night’s Watch, which really does not make sense, since they would obviously be all about fighting the White Walkers (although maybe he is talking to them and the Wildlings living in Mole Town–did that happen on the show, or just in the book?). Personally, I think it is none of them. I think it is Tyrion. Daenerys sends him to the King of the North to discuss a surrender and naturally Jon blows it off and says “hey look, those grumpkins you mocked are real and they are coming. And we need everyone to stop them, including some dragons.”

-Littlefinger loves to play his games. Already trying to manipulate Sansa into going against Jon. What does she say at the end? That no matter what happens, even if the lone wolf dies, the pack survives. The Starks are stronger together. Hopefully this means she will ignore Littlefinger.

-Am I the only one excited about the idea of Jaime Lannister heading back into battle? I want to see him overcome his limitations. You know, a good redemption story. Especially after he kills Cersei (oh come now, you honestly think Tyrion is the little brother fated to kill her?).

-I am guessing Daenerys and her army will march on Casterly Rock (that did not look like King’s Landing to me). We finally get a chance to see the Unsullied fighting in their element. I am ready to see them as a nearly perfect fighting unit.

AHHHH! I wish it were July 16th now!