Game of Thrones: The Spinoff Series

If you have been following GOT news, then you know that it appears there could be as many as five spinoff series in development. Okay, that seems a little insane. We do not need five shows. However, I do like the idea of a spinoff. And naturally I have a few ideas.

First of all, you only need one show. Call it Tales of Westeros or Stories of Ice & Fire. Each season could be about some event in history. That way you can have a different cast each season (or maybe take two seasons for a bigger story). There are plenty of stories.

Robert’s Rebellion
Cool, we get to see most of the characters from GOT, but younger! However, I have a better idea. Instead of it being all about how Robert & Ned rose up to bring down the Mad King and defeat Rhaegar, have the prince be the main character. Tell the story from his point of view. Rhaegar Targaryen may be one of the most interesting characters, whom we have never met. In the books, we hear about him at first from Ned and Robert. He sounds like a monster, he kidnapped Lyanna Stark and raped her. But then you hear Barristan Selmy’s stories about the prince. And a few others talk about Rhaegar and you get the idea that he would have been a great king.

I think you could focus on his strained relationship with his father (at one point the Mad King believes Rhaegar is planning to murder him or lead his own rebellion against him…and hell, Rhaegar may have been considering it). Also, they could show Aerys Targaryen as more than some crazy psychopath. They could also show the love story of Rhaegar and Lyanna. Especially if it really focuses on Rhaegar’s belief in prophecy.

They could do this in one season. We know how it ends, but it would be interesting to see how it happened. I mean, how did Robert convince people to join his cause? Also, the big question is who would play Rhaegar? Now, let us ignore the rumors about some musician playing him this season (not saying it is a bad move or anything, just know nothing about his acting skills). Every site that tries to cast Rhaegar mentions Orlando Bloom. First of all, Legolas is getting up there in age. Secondly, why would you want Rhaegar to just be Legolas? I always get the feeling that Rhaegar is this gentle soul, who is insanely talented at whatever he does. One day he learns about something bad coming and he decides he must prepare. He becomes a sword master. Just like that. He is also very good looking, the ladies are in love with him. But he also comes off as regal. So, that is why I would take Taron Egerton.

Look, anyone can slap on a silver haired wig and pop in some purple contacts. He has that pointy nose though and a royal look about him.

Dunk & Egg
It goes without saying that there should be something about their adventures. Again, you could the second season as the first tale. Then focus on another story for season three (overlap filming, that way you have seasons starting a few months apart). Season four, come back to these two, but now they are a little older. Same with season six.

Other Westeros Wars
-War of the Ninepenny Kings
-Blackfyre Rebellion
-Aegon’s Conquest

These are all interesting stories that could have a little light shown on them.

Varys & Illyrio
Who doesn’t want to see a season about the rise of young Varys & Illyrio? If I remember correctly, Illyrio was a sword-master and Varys a thief. Didn’t they basically scam people? It would be cool to see some of the Free Cities and the rise of two mysterious characters. Will GRRM ever answer the question of whether or not Varys has kings blood in him? There is a theory that he is distant Targaryen (hence why the sorcerer used his man parts in the fire–remember, you need kings blood!). This would be a good way to give us some answers since there is no way that GRRM ever finishes the books.

Alright, those are my ideas. Does this mean I get a producer credit?

2 thoughts on “Game of Thrones: The Spinoff Series

  1. When I hear about five spinoffs, my first thought is a quick vision of shooting myself in the head rather than watching all those. But to respond to your other thoughts – first, they should cast all unknown actors. They often turn out to be the best choices by far.

    And second, you know The Mad King will turn out to not have been truly mad at all. At least not like anyone thinks. It’s going to be Bran going back and affecting him the same way he did Hodor. Just instead of “Hold the Door!”, it’s going to be “Burn them all!”, probably in reference to the ice zombies who at that time will be attacking.

    1. Well yeah, they will most certainly go with unknown actors…but that is no fun for a speculative casting!

      Didn’t Selmy say that Aerys wasn’t Mad at all in his younger years, but after he was held hostage at Duskendale, he became increasingly paranoid and cruel?

      Sidebar…here is a crazy description of the Mad King from the ASOIAF wiki “In his youth, while not being the most intelligent, nor the most diligent of princes, he was described as having an undeniable charm. He was generous, handsome and resolute, although somewhat quick to anger. He was also vain, proud, and changeable, traits that made him easy prey for lickspittles and flatterers. As he grew older, Aerys became increasingly jealous, suspicious and cruel, prone to furious outbursts.” Does that sound like some other leader out there? Perhaps a certain 45th President of the United States…

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