Jammin’ With Josh: Our Lady Peace

This is Jammin’ With Josh. Each week I take a look at one of the bands that I love. Or perhaps it will be a band that I just discovered and think you should check out. Or maybe it will just be a way for me to post music videos. Honestly, no one will ever know.

Our Lady Peace is probably my favorite band. If you were going to force me to make a pick, they would probably be it. When I was in probably 10th grade (or maybe 11th), I convinced my mom to allow me to join one of those Columbia House deals, where you get 10 CDs for a penny. One of the albums I picked was Clumsy. I listened to it like 30,000 times, loved every song on it. After that, I was hooked.

I have seen them eight times I think. Honestly, I cannot even remember at this point anymore. My favorite show was at the Crowbar in State College (remember that place?). It was probably about a year after Gravity came out and they were not really touring for the new album. They played a nice mix of stuff from all their albums. One of the great moments of the night was when they played “Naveed”; which I had not heard them play in concert. Anyways, this kid standing nearby says to a girl that this song must be from their new album. He tells her that he is a huge fan of theirs and has been since their first album, which he then said was called Gravity. I laughed and walked away. If memory serves, Allison was at that concert with me, remember that?

One last quick memory about OLP. A long time ago, I was having a pretty rough week/month. I honestly felt like I had no one to talk to about some of my problems. The one night while drinking, I kind of laid it out there for a few of my friends about how I was feeling and one of them was concerned enough to tell my brother. He saw at me at work and he handed me a piece of paper. On it were these words:

“You haven’t seen the world outside for the days
You sleep, you hope
You wait
Imagination disappears
And all the dreams you have, you save
Confrontation like a mirror
They try to take your mind away
Hey, hey
I don’t know, but I believe in yesterday
And what it means to bleed
And know that you’re okay
Are you waiting?
No matter what you say,
No matter what you do,
No matter what,
I’m always right there behind you.”

He looked at me and said “you know you can always talk to me, about anything.” That is why he was my best man. So yeah, Our Lady Peace holds a special place in my heart.

For those of you that are not all that familiar with Our Lady Peace, here is the song you have heard before, “Superman’s Dead.” Definitely their most popular song and one that in my opinion holds up very well.

The song I think everyone should listen to and become a fan of is “Stealing Babies.” When I saw them perform this at Gannon, they told a story about a girl who was born with AIDS, and instead of just dying, this little girl was going around the world trying to help eradicate the disease (at least I think that was what they said, it was 17 years ago).

And finally, we get my favorite song…”4am”

This was probably my favorite song long before my father passed away, but now it has even more meaning. It reminds me that you always need to let those people in your life that you care about know that you love them. Because you never know when a phone call can change your life.

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  1. Oooh, good pick. I still put on Naveed every now and again. Birdman is playing in my ears as I type this.

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