Penalty Box

Have you ever been watching a hockey game and see a player that has been punished for a penalty, come back onto the ice after the power play ends and get the puck and immediately take a great shot? I have seen it dozens of times. The player breaks some rule, then gets a two (or maybe a five) minute rest. He then hops back out there, full of energy and is able to play against guys who are usually in the middle or end of a shift.

I have an easy solution to that problem. Remove the bench from the penalty box. Force the offending player to stand for two minutes. I bet he would not come out of the box like a bat out of hell then. Also, however long the penalty is for, that player should have to stay on the ice for that amount of time if no goal was scored by the opposing team. That way, not only do you have to kill a penalty, but you then have to deal with a tired and slow player for a few more minutes. I bet we would see less penalties.

Now, before every hockey fan freaks out at me and tells me how this is a ridiculously stupid idea…please remember this is only a joke.