Crappy Days

We spent the past few days with my family. Monday, we went to my cousin’s house for a cookout and then on the 4th we went to my aunt’s house in order to watch a parade. We had a great time both days. Nope, the title of this post is more literal. There was crap. Both days.

Monday was a normal morning: wake up, bottle time, we eat breakfast, clean up, then feed Payton breakfast. On this day, breakfast was prunes. After that, we packed everything we own and left for Altoona. I mean, we cannot drive past Altoona and not stop at Target. I am pretty sure it is a law. I actually had to take Samson over to Petco, while Lindsey & Payton went to Target (Samson lost his tag and we wanted a new one). After that, it was time to head to Philipsburg. We dropped Samson off at my mom’s and then went over to Tim & Becky’s house. We could tell that Payton pooped, but we had no idea how bad. This was what is called “a blowout.”

Now, for you childless folks out there, a blowout is when your child poops so much that it comes out the sides of the diaper and sometimes out the top. It generally ruins the outfit they are wearing and at the worst times will leave the carseat an absolute mess.

Okay, so now we are all on the same page. I lift Payton out of her car seat and look at my arm…it is covered in poop. You cannot panic or be disgusted in this situation. You just have to go “oohh, looks like we got a blowout.” And that is code for everyone to stay away for a second and find you a spot to perform a changing/impromptu scrubbing of a baby. Becky was kind enough to come help us out, she has kids, she knows what it is like. Thanks Becky! After the diaper is finally changed and your child is clean, it is then acceptable to wash the poop off your arm.

After that, the rest of the day was great. Everyone got the chance to play with Payton, who showed them that she can be just as moody as every other baby out there. Whether it was not eating her food or crying because she was tired. She was also super playful and happy at times. They got the full spectrum of Payton that day. It was also awesome to have so many of us together. I wish Aunt Lori could have made it, but totally understand and hopefully we can see her soon.

The 4th of July was spent at my aunt’s house. We took Samson with us and we were curious how he would do with a parade. Not well. Not well at all. He freaked out at the marching bands. I honestly think it was the drums. At one point, I tried to hold him, but he panicked and scratched me a bunch, then jumped out of my arms. He took off behind the house, trying to run away. I was afraid he might pull on the leash so hard that it would choke him, so I ran with him. We made it to the bottom of their yard and we sat against my uncle’s shed for the entire parade. I held Samson during the loud parts and he would curl against me during the quieter times. He was shaking so hard and his heart was beating so fast that I was afraid he was going to have a heart attack. It was scary!

During his freak out moments, I think he may have pooped in my aunt’s mulch. Later, when he was a little more calm, he went over and rolled in it. I did not know what he was rolling in and when he came up to me, I noticed some brown stuff on his collar. I thought it was mud, so I tried to scrape it off. I then smelled it and realized…it was poop. And guess what? It was all over him, his collar, and my arm. So I scrubbed him the best I could, then cleaned myself up. When we got home though, I noticed that his collar had poop embedded into all the holes, so I just threw it away. I then gave him a bath. I actually had a splitting headache most of the day (I think from the stress of Samson), so after his bath, he and I took a nap on the couch while Mommy and Payton went to Grandma’s house for a bit. I think Samson and I bonded a bit more after the parade incident.

It was a great few days, despite all the crap.