I Guess I Am Hated

I love when I see stuff like this on Facebook. It has been awhile since I responded to something like this, so here it goes. We will skip the first part for now.

Obamacare repealed. Why? I get that Trump supporters hate Obama, but I have never really heard convincing reasons for repealing the ACA. Does it have problems? Yes, but it seems like there could be solutions for those problems instead of just scrapping the whole thing. Also, in the years since it’s inception, what magical plan have the Republicans come up with? Or do you think we should go back to the old system?

Hillary in prison. This was great campaign rhetoric, but get real. First of all, you cannot just put someone in jail without a trial. What crimes are you charging her with and how much money are you willing to spend on a trial? The Benghazi hearings were ridiculously expensive and never amounted to anything. This will only be worse. People who are so against government waste, want to waste taxpayer dollars on this? Get fuckin’ real.

Sick of political correctness. Yikes. When I read this, I wonder what the typical Trump supporter means. “I wish I could go back to grabbin’ my secretaries ass at work!” Or maybe they just miss being outright racist. I like to think that not all Trump supporters are deep down racist assholes. And to be honest, I can actually understand the annoyance at political correctness. I mean, when the LGBTQ community takes offense and calls for a boycott over something Ellen said at the Oscars, that is when things are getting a little out of hand. I also do not like when PC culture tries to stop someone’s right to free speech.

Fed up with the corruption in D.C. I think most people can agree with this one. And it sounds like a great idea to elect an outsider to come in and fix the problem. However, does Donald Trump seem like the guy to do it? Not really. Look at the people he brought with them. He did not drain the swamp, instead he released bigger swamp monsters into the swamp to get rid of the little ones. Everyone is somehow connected to the big Wall Street banks, you know, those evil banks that HRC was so beholden to.

The overseas job complaint is an interesting one. How does the president make this happen? Fiscal conservatives are generally more about the free market. That is why they hate minimum wage increases or regulations on industry. They say that the market will sort out everything out (I am simplifying a bit). So do they want Trump to tell companies that they cannot move manufacturing plants to foreign countries in order to increase a profit? I get that he can try to offer tax breaks and whatnot, but that will not cause some car company to close their plant in Honduras, where they can pay workers $2.50/hour (or maybe we can just start a trade war with China). Those jobs are not coming back. Sorry.

Why is strong in quotes? Do Trump supporters believe our military is weak? How would they go about making it stronger? More money spent? We already spend more than like the next 26 countries combined. Where does that money come from? More taxes. Or okay, we could change our foreign policy. Maybe we should give up the role of SuperCop of the World. Focus more on defending our country. However, I do not think that is what Trump supporters mean. They really just want to see us go bomb the shit of some country.

Ugh…the illegal immigrants thing. Yes, there are hoards of them coming across the Rio Grande each day. They come here and they just do so much horrible stuff. They take all of our jobs (that were already shipped overseas), they are lazy and on welfare (yet they took all those jobs), and they get to go to school for free and have free healthcare. They also bring drugs into the country. Tons of drugs. That is why there is an opioid epidemic in this country. All those Mexicans. I am not getting into this one. There are numerous facts that could be cited, but Trump supporters do not believe them. Nor do they care.

Trump owes no favors…except to all those Russian oligarchs who probably invested in his golf courses during the real estate crash and helped get him elected. Allegedly. I mean, if he was so free of ties to anyone, why not release those tax returns?

ISIS eliminated. What the fuck does that even mean? How are you going to do that without going over there with a ton of troops and starting a massive ground war. It is not like we have a list of all ISIS members, along with addresses and photographs.

Everyone wants Veterans taken care of…or at least most people do. You know who does not though? Republicans. Time & time again, Republican leaders vote against any bills to increase spending on veteran benefits and yet, they continue to be the party that “supports the troops.”

And this brings me back to the beginning. Trump supporters hate liberal ideology. When I think of liberal ideology, I think of equality. All people being equal. I think of Free Speech…Free Press…Freedom of Religion (and more importantly, Separation of Church & State). What is so bad about all that?

Well, I can understand why some Trump supporters hate liberals. Sometimes we can lean a little too far to the left. The PC Police, getting offended by everything and declaring anything that is at all offensive as hate speech. Or what about liberals who say they are for women’s rights, but they get upset when someone criticizes certain Muslim countries for their horrible treatment of women (or just any criticism of Islam becomes Islamophobia). I can totally understand why a Trump supporter would hate those people. Hell, I think many of us sane liberals are against them too.


What scares me the most though is that some Trump supporters (not all, but some), not only hate the ideology, but they hate the people. I am pretty sure that I have friends & family who no longer like me because I am a liberal. That makes me sad. We can disagree on politics, that is one of the many reasons this country is so great. At the end of the day though, we should be able to put aside that aspect and still have those things that initially brought us together (whether it be genetics or random events that led to friendship).

2 thoughts on “I Guess I Am Hated

  1. -We Hate Liberal Ideology
    Fair enough. Let’s have a calm and reasonable debate about the best way to proceed with various policies. And maybe not call it “hate”? Rage doesn’t have a place in negotiation.
    -We Want ObamaCare Repealed
    Ok, let’s discuss that. Why? Actual concrete reasons – not ZOMG SOCIALIZED MEDICINE GOVMINT TAKEOVER!
    -Hillary Belongs In Prison
    We live in America. That means people get due process. Even the folks you hate. Also, the dirt on her is where the term “fake news” originated.
    -We are sick of political correctness
    This always feels to me like people just want to feel okay about being as publicly bigoted today as people may have been when my father was a kid.
    -We are sick of the corruption in DC
    Yeah, me too. Let’s pass some campaign finance laws. Let’s set congressional term limits. Something.
    -We want a wall on our border
    If we’re talking a literal wall, that’s probably not the best way to accomplish your goal. It’s 2017, and drones and tunnels aren’t horribly difficult. Let’s talk about the underlying goal of immigration reform.
    -We want jobs back from overseas
    The world is evolving, and globalization will happen with or without us. Saying you want something doesn’t make it feasible.
    -We want a “strong” military again
    Funny that you say that. Did you know that over the past 30 years, the military has had very high readiness ratings at the end of democratic presidential terms and very low readiness at the end of republican terms?
    -We are tired of illegal immigrants
    Sigh. Yeah, I know. Let’s give them legal paths. Immigration is what America was founded on. Why are you so unAmerican?
    -We like the fact the he is self-funded and owes no favors
    Except to Russia, you mean? Oops. Let’s pretend I didn’t say that. Let’s ignore your typo as well. So how about we talk about campaign finance? Let’s focus on something we agree on, so that we can negotiate and get things done. You like that he owes no favors? Let’s smack down lobbying!
    -We want ISIS eliminated, not contained
    We all want peace in the middle east. We want militaristic and terrorist groups like ISIS to go away. Do you think you can do that by killing them all? Or do you think that will incentivize even more middle eastern people to get violent?
    -We want our vets taken care of
    A reasonable request. Let’s talk policy.

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