Six Months Old

Today Payton is six months. We are halfway through the first year. It has been amazing and wonderful, and just about any other words you can use to describe parenthood. Seriously, we have lucked out. She sleeps through the night, eats her most of her food, takes a nap when she is sleepy…I mean, she is pretty low maintenance. Do not get me wrong, she can be fussy and she has gotten sick. We have made those trips to the doctor (probably unnecessary, but better safe than sorry trips–you know, the ones where the doctor is like “yep, that’s normal, but it’s good you brought her in” which is code for “cha-ching!”). 

In a funny way, the entire experience reminds me of Samson. No, we do not put her in a crate and take her outside to pee. However, when we got Samson, we were having troubles getting him house broken. It did not seem to matter what we did, he would poop in the house. And then magically, one day he stopped. He has not pooped inside in a very long time (probably since he was sick that time). We do not know what we did. And I have a feeling it will be the same when we have a second kid. We will be like “huh, why does this one scream and cry all the time? It must be broken.” Obviously, tons of parents have this dilemma (I talk to enough parents now, haha).

I guess what I am trying to say, mostly through rambling is that Lindsey & I are definitely lucky to have created such an amazing child. Definitely glad that Payton has many of Lindsey’s qualities (love of sleeping, easy-going, etc). Also, despite the fact that everyone says she looks exactly like me, when I look into my daughter’s eyes, I can see my wife.