2017 Fantasy Baseball Week 19

Please choose the best answer to the following question:  Why did this happen?

A) I allowed my beautiful wife to destroy me because I felt bad that she was so close to last place
B) I was sick the entire week and did not even bother to set my lineup
C) My team took the week off because they wanted to give Sean & Offord a chance to catch up and make it more interesting the final few weeks
D) Today is our anniversary and I figured this would be an easy/cheap gift
E) All of the above
F) None of the above

I do not remember the last time I was given such a beating. If you look at the actual scores, it was kind of close. I mean, my team would have probably won against the following teams: Sean, Matt, Adam2, Offord, James, Jason, and Pat. I am not too upset about the loss, since my team was pretty damn good. It is not every week when you have a .292/.370 and lose both categories (no one, but Lindsey had a higher average).

Fantasy Stud

You do not end up with a .292 average without having some guys hit the ball all week long. Weird thing is that no one stuck out like in other weeks. A bunch of guys hitting around .340 and a few in the .280s, with just two guys below the Mendoza Line. One guy that I have been happy with most of the season is Jose Berrios. I think he is like, what 17 or something (23, but what do facts matter?). He has been pretty good all year and this week he picked up a win with seven strikeouts, while giving up zero runs. He had a beautiful 0.43 WHIP, which helped counteract my fantasy duds a little bit.

Fantasy Dud(s)

My relief pitching. Specifically Ottavino, Chapman, Holland, and Matt Barnes. Their WHIP ranged from 1.80 to 2.50. That is absolutely terrible.

League Results
Gideon 9 Matt 2
Sean 8 Adam2 4
Dustin 9 Offord 3
Jason 8 James 4
Ryan 9 Pat 2

That loss dropped me to third place. Sean is now in second, he is 13.5 games behind Gideon, while I am a game behind him. Offord is in fourth and only four games out of second place. Next we have James, then Ryan (who is three games from Offord and that insane prediction of finishing in fourth–better be careful Offord). That rounds out the playoffs. From there we have Adam2, who is only one game behind Ryan and very much still in contention for a playoff spot. Jason is five and a half out from the playoffs, it is doable, but going to be hard. Same goes with Dustin, who is a game back of Jason. Then we have Lindsey in tenth place and 10.5 out. However, a few more dominating weeks like this and she could theoretically make the playoffs. How crazy is that? After that we have Matt & Pat, who have a 1% chance (I just made that up).

So what does this weeks slate of games look like? I get to battle Jason and try to end his playoff dreams, while Lindsey squares off with Sean. I hope she destroys him like she did me, I would like to go back to second place. Another big matchup is Gideon vs. Offord. I do not know how I feel about this one. I mean, is there any chance of catching Gideon at this point? Probably not, so I would rather have him destroy Offord and help me get a bigger lead. BUT, if he destroys Offord, that could give Ryan a chance to achieve his stupid goal. I am petty. Speaking of Ryan, he has Dustin this week, who is so unpredictable. Adam2 needs a win over James to stay in the playoff hunt. And finally we have the battle for last place: Matt vs. Pat! Good luck guys.

Since today is our wedding anniversary, I figured it would be cool to use the song we chose for our first dance…