Jammin’ With Josh: I’m Dying Edition

This is Jammin’ With Josh. Each week I take a look at one of the bands that I love. Or perhaps it will be a band that I just discovered and think you should check out. Or maybe it will just be a way for me to post music videos. Honestly, no one will ever know.

I was going to write about a band this week. But then I got sick. Actually I have been sick since last Friday. I am also stubborn when I get sick. I have a pretty strong immune system and usually heal up from a bad cold in short time. Well not this time. I actually went to the doctor yesterday and I have a sinus infection, both ears infected, and a fever of 100.7 (which really sucks since my normal body temperature is actually lower than 98.6–more like 97.9-98.1—I should probably run some tests when I am healthy to get a better mean).

So what better band to celebrate how you feel when you are sick than Foreigner? Obviously these songs are not about being sick, but the titles are perfect.

The doctor asked me if I had the chills all week. I said that I work in a restaurant and when in the kitchen, where it is like one hundred degrees, I was shivering. So yeah, I may have had the chills.

As the fever reached it’s crescendo last night, I went from feeling cold, to being extremely hot. I was sweating so bad. My clothes were drenched, the sheets and pillow soaked. I seriously thought I might spontaneously burst into flames.

At one point yesterday, while at work, I definitely had a slight case of double vision. I was walking around, basically stumbling. One of my employees said I looked drunk.

But hey, now I have steroids (for the pressure in my head) and antibiotics (for you know, the infections). GO DRUGS!

(this is probably NSFW)

Will every Jammin’ With Josh feature Dazed and Confused? Probably.

Also, you may be wondering why Payton is at the top? Not because she is beautiful and creates music in my soul, but because she is the little butt-head who gave me the cold.