2017 Fantasy Baseball Playoffs: Round 2

UNREAL! I was winning all week. It was mostly 8-4 or 7-4, but I kept checking and the actual results were somewhat close. I knew that things could flip at any moment. And did they ever flip. Sunday night, I check around 7:00 and I am losing 6-5. Almost all of the games are over, except for the Astros/Angels game. Fortunately for me, I have like 15 Astros on my team. I just needed 2 HRs or a SB/Hold to tie. I knew if I could tie it up then I should win the tiebreaker. Alex Bregman hits a HR in the first inning and I kept checking whenever I thought one of those guys was up to see how they did. I fell asleep though and woke up in the middle of the night. I checked the score and saw that Springer hit a HR in the 7th, and then after checking Yahoo, realized I tied Jason. I was so relieved! I was actually able to fall asleep with a feeling of satisfaction.

Over in the other bracket, Offord pretty much beat up on Gideon. It was 9-2 and none of those scores were very close. And before Gideon complains about not reseeding, Jason and I both would have won against him. In fact, I would have beat Offord 8-4, while Jason would have won 6-5. Just goes to show you that it only matters how your team does against your opponent. I could have a terrible week and lose 12-0. You just never know.

So that means that Offord has the opportunity to defend his title against me. Looking at the matchup, I am definitely concerned with his pitching. He could easily win almost all the pitching categories. Also, he is getting Bryce Harper back, which means that his already dangerous lineup adds his best fantasy player back into the mix. I am just hoping that Harper is rusty and his timing is off and has a terrible week. Sitting here right now, I am not liking my chances. Especially if the Astros continue to give their players rest days to keep them fresh for the playoffs. I cannot afford to have Altuve missing days!

Good luck Offord!

Now, onto the other side of the bracket…

Sean crushed Ryan for fifth place. Ryan, is this your worst finish ever in this league? Actually, 6th place is the lowest playoff finish for Ryan (last time he was that low was 2012!). In fact, since 2009, he only finished lower than 2nd three times. Definitely an incredible run. I would like to say his dominance is at an end, but that seems a bit premature. gideon and Jason play for third place this week. Down in the actual consolation bracket, Lindsey and James won their semifinal matches to square off for 7th place this week, while Dustin and Pat battle for 9th. Adam2 managed to squeak by Matt for that illustrious 11th place spot.