All These Worlds

The third and final (well maybe not) book in the Bobiverse Trilogy. I was sad to see it end (although, I say maybe not because Taylor has said that there will be more Bobiverse books, so that is good). All These Worlds wrapped up all the sub-plots and finished things off with a major battle between the Bobs and the Others. If you are into science fiction and you want something fun to listen to, definitely check this series out! From here on out, spoilers!

-I actually thought the Bobs had lost Earth during the battle. I think Will (formerly known as Riker) says to Bill “it’s over, we lost.” And Taylor switches to the next chapter and another POV, I was a little teary eyed. They put so much work and effort into trying to save the planet, to have it destroyed was sad. However, it turned out to be a feint and the Bobs won the battle and completely obliterated the Others (how insanely awesome was the moment when we learn that the destruction of the Others home was successful?).

-I really enjoyed the ending. If Taylor never wrote another Bobiverse book, he did end it in a perfect way. Bob standing on Earth, about to fly off on his own exploration mission, saying goodbye to Will and Bill. The death of Archimedes was sad, but it was something that needed to happen. I was afraid Bob might truly go crazy and try to replicate his friend’s brain.

-If there are more books, I really hope they focus on the emerging differences in late generation Bobs versus some of the earlier gens. It is weird how even though they are copies of the same person and copied from a copy that is up-to-date on everything, some of the late gen Bobs have an inferiority complex in regards to Bob/Bill/Will, etc. The best example of this are the two who salvage the Others ship and have to bring it to Earth.

-I figured that Bridget would eventually decide to replicate. However, at first I was annoyed by the idea of her being content with spending eternity just cataloguing new animals. She decided to throw things for a loop though by saying she wanted to adopt. Speaking of Bridget, I think Kelly Macdonald would be perfect for her.

-I honestly think they could make this into a movie. Okay, maybe not a movie, but definitely a television show.

-I hope if there are more books that it picks up like 200 years into the future or something. Maybe the Pav have entered the space age, perhaps Bobs have found tons of other sentient species, who are actually nice. Especially if the Bobs can take bits of each groups tech and learn how to use it and improve it.

Anyways, I think I will check out Taylor’s next book (I think it is going to be called Singularity Trap) whenever it comes out on Audible. One of the things I like about Taylor’s writing is that, while it is science fiction, there is enough humor to it that anyone could like this series. Especially if you are someone who enjoys picking up references to other works.