Payton and the Socks

I forgot how much I hate putting on Payton’s socks. I mean, putting them on her feet. They obviously would never fit my feet. That would be ridiculous. But seriously, putting socks on a child has to be the worst thing ever. Well maybe not the worst thing ever, but it is up there. I hate it. Okay, hate is a strong word. I dislike it, intensely. Alright, more like mild disdain. You get my point. Right?

I do not think she has worn socks since early June? Or at least, I have not put them on her. She hates them and just tries to pull them off, so why torture her? However, the weather is changing and it looks like it is time to start wearing them again. And shoes. Since she wants to learn to walk, she needs to wear shoes. Those are not as bad. Although, she does have oddly small feet. I am not joking. When we were at a baby store recently, I stood her on the foot measurement. She was in the 0-3 month range, and pretty close to NB. She is wearing 9 months (and some of that stuff is small) and even some 12 month clothes (do not get me started on baby clothes sizing, ughhhhh).

I think that is why I have so much trouble with the socks. Her feet are tiny and I feel like I need to pull them up by pinching the fabric, but I end up just pinching her skin, which causes her to squirm and kick, which causes me to lose my grip on the sock. It is a battle. I am already looking forward to next June already.

Also, I feel like none of her socks ever match the outfit. Obviously the socks in the picture definitely did not match, I just grabbed a pair because we were going to take Samson for a walk. Or maybe we have too many socks that have crazy colors. We just need black or white. Maybe that is the solution. Or maybe I just need to not be so crazy about matching socks with outfits.

And before you ask, yes she is pulling the strings on my shorts. She also loves to pull on my tie.

What does this picture have to do with socks? Nothing. I just like it.

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