Sick Day

Payton is sick.

She has had diarrhea for the past few days, sometimes explosive enough that it comes out of her diaper and all through her clothes. You know, the fun stuff. Yesterday the daycare called and said we had to come get her because it was her third BM (bowel movement) that was outside the diaper. Fortunately, we were both almost done with work, so there was nothing inconvenient.

Once at home, we fed her and did the normal daily stuff, but she was very cranky and she was starting to get a fever. She then pooped again (probably close to 6:00) and she would not stop screaming. Her bum (definitely the first time that word has been used on this blog) was all red and she looked like she was in quite a bit of pain. We decided to take her to the doctor’s office to make sure there was nothing wrong. Fortunately it is just a stomach bug. The doctor said Payton was probably through it and that she was lucky to not get any of the throwing up that usually comes first. Yay!?

The doctor said that we should probably keep her home another day though, which meant that Lindsey & I would need to figure out what do about work. Well it turns out that I still have four sick days, Lindsey may have one (we cannot remember how many she took right before going into labor). So I got the privilege of staying home today with a sick kid. Granted, she was not too bad, except for when she would poop and I would have to clean it up while she screamed. That only happened a few times though and none of them were as bad as the previous days. She must be getting better. She was able to nap a bit more (I do not think she naps very well at daycare), which left me with free time.

Here is the weird thing…I felt guilty doing stuff. I felt like since I called off work, that I should be confined to a bed or something. Early in the morning, I logged into some work stuff and finished a few things that would be due to my boss today. Again, as I am doing it, I keep thinking that I will get in trouble.

We mostly played around on the floor. Or sometimes she would want to walk around with me behind her holding her hands. It would be nice if she would grow about ten inches so I would not need to stoop so much, but since this will probably not last forever, I guess I can deal with a sore back.

I figured during her second nap that it would be a good time to install the gate at the bottom of our stairs. We had a tough time finding a gate since our stairs have an odd shape (I am sure there is a term for this).

I thought for sure it would be a huge pain in the ass to install this gate. I was wrong. It took me like twenty minutes. Most of that time was opening the box and reading the instructions. Here is the finished product:

It opens up and has a catch on it so that you can leave the door open, which is good since Samson likes to hang out upstairs when we are away. I tried to install the second gate we purchased, for the top of the stairs. Sadly, we both forgot about the handrail when we bought it, so that gate will not work there.

The best part of doing this project today? I got to try out my new drill! Lindsey’s mom and stepdad knew I needed a good one (mine is a Black & Decker from Wal-Mart, you know, the super cheap ones that can barely make a dent in drywall), so they got me a gift card for my birthday. Yesterday I went and picked out this one. It was a little more than I wanted to spend, but it is also a hammer drill, which I definitely could use outside for some of the projects Lindsey keeps bugging me about…ugh, maybe a new drill was a bad idea.

Needless to say, the new drill worked perfectly today. Much easier than using that old drill.

Anyways, that was some of my day. Most of it was playing with Payton, changing diapers, feeding her, playing some more…I also managed to get some stuff done.