2017 Election

Tuesday is Election Day…you know, that day where you get to post on Facebook that you voted! Well despite what you might think, there are elections every year, not just every four years for president. Unfortunately, these elections usually have much lower turnout. People think these ones are not that important, but this election has a bunch of judges on the ballot. Also, you get the school boards, directors, and other very local stuff. These are the important ones, the ones that can actually affect your daily life.

This year we get an interesting ballot measure:

Well that is pretty confusing, right? Which way should a person vote?

So basically, if I am understanding it correctly, whoever does your local taxes could decide to exempt 100% of the value of your home, so basically you may not have to pay property taxes. That sounds pretty great! Who wants to pay stupid property taxes? Well there lies the problem…property taxes fund schools. If you take that money away, then we will just be taxed somewhere else. Now the question you need to ask yourself as you go in to vote is whether or not you think that this measure will help regular people continue to pay for their homes, while still having enough money to fund the schools.

I am not telling you how to vote, but I am telling you to get out there on Tuesday and vote.