RIP Roy Halladay

Today is a sad day. Roy Halladay died today in a plane crash. He was one of the most dominant/fun pitchers to watch of the 2000s.

His big year in the league was 2002, he then won the Cy Young the next season. There were some injuries after that, but what I remember the most of early Halladay was how little recognition he seemed to get, aside from the Sabermetric circles. That was during my time of really getting into that stuff and his name was always mentioned as someone being undervalued compared to some of the other pitchers in the league. It probably did not help that he pitched in Toronto for a large portion of his career.

The thing everyone remembers is the no-hitter against the Reds in the NLDS while playing for the Phillies. I actually got to see him pitch on opening day against the Pirates. He is probably the only guy to ever play for the Phillies that I did not absolutely hate (okay, maybe not true, I never hated Utley). Halladay was just fun to watch and hearing about his death today really made me sad. Definitely a shame.

I also have to mention how Halladay was always the guy that Blass/Walk would compare Charlie Morton to when he first came up. They would say “he has electric stuff, like Roy Halladay, not saying he will become Halladay, but they have similar stuff.”

Anyways, Roy Halladay will be missed.