The Lost Panda

Have you seen this video? It is hard to watch it and not feel some tears welling up in the corner of your eyes. Unless you are a heartless monster, then I suppose nothing can crack that blackened heart.

I will say this, definitely an effective ad. I was looking at Tile the other day at Target and thought “why would anyone need this? Who is going to buy these to put on their keys?” That was the only thing I could imagine. Now I see this video and think of Payton and how she loves to sleep with her Puppy (we bought a backup in case we ever lost/forgot this one somewhere). How many stories have you heard of parents who had to go search all over the place for a stuffed animal or some doll? Or you see the posts on Facebook of people asking if they found something that looks so stupid, but the people are willing to pay a small reward and shipping if it is found. Nowadays I think I can see where they are coming from.

I am not saying that I plan to buy these and sew them into all of her toys or something like that, but I could definitely see finding a way to put them into jackets (how many people out there have kids who always lose their jacket or backpack?) and definitely attach one to Lindsey’s keys (she always runs around the house looking for her keys–although, it would need to be linked to my phone, since she also can never find her phone).

You know, come to think of it, the reason this video probably hits home for so many of us is Calvin & Hobbes. There was an entire arc about Calvin losing Hobbes in the woods and his frantic search for his stuffed tiger.