Thor: Ragnarok

I think this may have been one of the best Marvel movies. It did not take itself serious at all, but at the same time had plenty of action and fit well with the rest of the MCU movies. It was just a big, fun adventure, which is what we need at times. Not every Marvel movie needs to be some intense think-piece or morality tale. Sometimes we just want to see people smashing each other and making silly jokes.

The second Thor movie was good, but over time I definitely completely forgot about it. That seems to be the story for so many of the Marvel movies. I can barely remember the plot of some of them. The ones I remember the most are the ones that have something different. And I feel like this is one of the ones that I could probably watch a bunch of times.

So what did I love? This is where spoilers happen…

-The opening with Thor captured by Surtur was pretty funny. Thor spinning and saying “hold on” was a great way to set the tone for the film. And it was great that Surtur ended up being the key to defeating Hela (I told you there would be spoilers, this is your fault for reading).

-I also loved how they cut right to the whole Loki is Odin thing that was the ending of the second movie. I wondered how that would fit, if it would be a huge reveal (my guess is they were planning on going a very different route at one point). Anthony Hopkins on a couch watching a play of Loki’s death scene from Thor 2 was awesome, but it was even better when you realize that Thor is Luke Hemsworth (brother of Chris), Matt Damon is Loki, and Sam Neill as Odin.

-Seriously, I could probably list just about every funny joke, I thought they all were hilarious. Such as Korg, he was pretty perfect. The soft-spoken voice and the pretty pathetic revolution story, cracked me up. Or the ending, when Korg is like “as long as it had a strong foundation, you can rebuild.” Then the planet blows up and he is like “oh, well I guess not now” (or whatever he says).

-The story was pretty simple, there was nothing crazy that needed to be found or anything like that, just stop Hela, the goddess of death. Even the way she is defeated is pretty good. Nothing weird, no unbelievable scenario. Instead, it was the fire demon, who said he would destroy Asgard.

-HULK SMASH! The Hulk was probably the best thing of the movie. All of his lines were funny and it was great seeing him as more than just the dumb monster. Plus, the banter between him and Thor was fantastic “They call you the stupid Avenger!” “Thor has small arms.”

-Also, Planet Hulk is probably my favorite Hulk story. It was great to see that they decided to still use it, despite the fact that we will probably not get another solo Hulk movie.

So what did I dislike? Well only one thing…

-I think Marvel should have kept the Hulk a secret. The big revelation that he was the Grandmaster’s champion was pretty great, except that it was what we saw in the first preview. I think they could have had the preview stay very similar, but not show Hulk. Just hint that the champion is someone we know. Even show Thor’s reaction, some people might guess who it was, but it would still have been a huge revelation.

-How young of a kid would you take to see this movie? Even though it was funny, the orgy joke might be a little tough to explain to an eleven or twelve year old.

So how will this movie fit into the rest of the MCU? Well the mid-credit scene shows Thor and the Asgardians running into a very large ship, which I am guessing belongs to Thanos. My guess is that we will see what happens in the Infinity War film. The scene we heard about from comic-con or somewhere else was that the Guardians find Thor’s body floating through space in the middle of a bunch of wreckage. Either we get a flashback from Thor, or we just start with the battle between Thor and Thanos. You know, the ship shows up, Thor decides to buy the Asgardians time by going out to face whatever is there…he then gets his ass kicked by Thanos.

What did everyone else think about the movie?

3 thoughts on “Thor: Ragnarok

  1. Soo I brought my ten-year-old to see the movie. The good thing is that the orgy joke just went over her head. She actually asked during the film what anus meant. I guess that work doesn’t see much use around the house.

    I think you’re right about Thor getting wrecked by Thanos at the outset of Infinity War. Makes sense.

    My favorite jokes:
    1. Korg, during the hammer discussion: “Ugh. The hammer pulls you off?”
    2. Hulk, when he’s told to not smash: “But… giant monster!”
    3. Fenris charging forward and having Banner’s limp body land on the ground in front of him.

    1. Glad to hear that there was not an awkward question about orgies and anuses on the ride home from the theater!

      I was going to list all of my favorite jokes, but it occurred to me that it would basically be like 97% of the movie. When Thor throws the ball against the window to break it and it bounces back and hits him in the face….or Korg “I guess this would only be good against three vampires who stood really close together.” Pretty good What We Do in the Shadows nod…

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