Why Can’t Everyone Just Be Perfect?


Have you ever tried to write something, but just cannot figure out how you want to say it? This is where I am with this whole Louis CK situation.

I am definitely disappointed. He is one of my favorite comedians. He ranked #2 in my Comedy Month. However, he did come out and admit it and even in the NYT article, some of the women said he reached out to them years later to apologize, so it does seem to me that he is trying to make amends. I am not excusing his behavior, and he is definitely a weird guy, who has some serious problems. However, what do people want from him now? I keep reading things from people who say that he is not sincere enough. Should he just go away forever? Maybe donate all of his money to charity and move to the mountains and become a hermit. Would that make people happy? Maybe he should just kill himself, I feel like that would appease a few folks. Or should he get help, learn from his mistakes, and find a way to put his experience to good use?

So what does this mean for me? Well, I am still going to be a fan of Louis CK. I am sure he will lie low for a few years then release a new standup show, which I will watch. Although, there always seems to be this other path that celebrities who get into trouble take: the destructive path (you know the one, where they get arrested in a few months for some coke-fueled rampage, then enter rehab). I do not foresee Louis going down that path. In the meantime, I will still watch his old standup specials (although, I might cringe when he makes masturbation jokes). Sometimes you just have to realize that the people you admire may be flawed.

This brings me to Al Franken. If you have not heard, please read the article. He screwed up back in 2006 before he was in politics. I am not saying that makes it okay. But, he has been a good senator. I think people were shocked by how tough he was during some of the Senate confirmation hearings for people like De Vos, Gorsuch, and the rest of Trump’s team. It was definitely upsetting to hear that he groped a woman and forcibly kissed her, especially when people were considering him for the Democratic primary in 2020.

Here is a stark contrast between the two parties though. When the allegations against Roy Moore came out, conservatives rallied behind him (not all, but many), whereas liberals immediately started calling for Franken to resign. I do not think Moore should take himself out of the race, nor do I think Franken should resign. Allow the voters to decide. If the people of Minnesota are disgusted enough by Franken, then they will not reelect him. But if they think he does a good job representing them and works hard for his constituents, then they may overlook a past misdeed.

All of this is just so damn complicated. Not the sexual assault or harassment stuff, that should be pretty easy to figure out. But what I mean is, people are complicated. Can a person do a bunch of good, but also do something bad, and still be considered good? Where do you draw that line?