Crisis on Earth-X

This season the CW Arrowverse shows did another crossover event. Last year it was an alien invasion, which actually was pretty good and made sense to have them join forces (and it made sense for the Flash and Cisco to go get Supergirl to help out). This season…well it was not very good.

The reason they are all together is for the wedding of Barry & Iris. During the ceremony though, a bunch of Nazis attack. Turns out they are from Earth-X, which was won by the Nazis, who now control the world and have set their sights on Earth-1. The Nazis are led by Evil Oliver Queen, who is married to or dating Supergirl. Turns out that Supergirl-X flew too close to the sun and has solar poisoning. She needs a heart transplant, so they are going to take good Kara’s heart. Eobard Thawne is working with them (but instead of his normal look, he still took the body of Harrison Wells…makes almost no sense).

Without spoiling too much, let me say that good guys win. Yay. But it was pretty stupid. All the doppelgangers are exactly like the Earth-1 folks, but they are evil. There was one sad moment though, I guess I will spoil it. Martin Stein dies…it brought a tear to my eye. Also, we gained a good version of Leonard Snart. That was cool. Also, we got to see a version of the Ray. That was pretty neat.

The thing I hated the most though was the way they portrayed the Nazis. Just a bunch of evil bad guys who were hell bent on taking over the world. Not sure what I would be looking for from a bunch of shows like this, but I think making them seem like just your average bad guys makes them seem not so vile and disgusting. There was never really any mention of their ideology or what they were trying to accomplish with the Third Reich.

Also, back to the parallel universe problem. So how does Oliver Queen become the Fuhrer of the Nazis and retain all of his abilities? He learns martial arts and archery while trapped on the island. Did all of that still happen to him, but he was a rich Nazi? Why would adopt a hooded persona? Also, where was Barry Allen on Earth-X? How come on the different Earths he does not always have his Flash powers, but someone like Oliver still becomes “Green Arrow.” Ugh, so annoying!

There was one cool moment, Sara and Alex hooked up. Other than that, it was a pretty shitty crossover event.