2017 NFL Pick ‘Em Playoffs Round 2

The wild card weekend was pretty wild! I did not get a single game right. Sean got 2, Gideon 1, and everyone else a big fat zero. Yikes!

At least I was right about taking the Titans as an underdog. Granted, I did not pick them on here, but if I were betting, that was my team.
Underdog Special: As you can see, I took two. I do not know how healthy AB is going to be and honestly, the Jags defense could keep it close. I think the Steelers will win, but something tells me they are going to have a tough time winning by two scores. And in the other game, I honestly think the Saints are going to win the game.

I am still one behind Mom and now three back of Gideon.

Last week was a ridiculously long post, and this week is a short one.

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