Build the Wall!

You know what? I think we should just give President Trump his damn wall.

Seriously. Just let him have it.

It would keep the guy occupied. It would allow him to brag about his “big, beautiful wall.” And then Democrats could use that wall against him in every way possible. Use it the way the Republicans used the Affordable Care Act against Dems. The best thing for the Republicans was the ACA getting passed, then they could constantly run on a platform of “well we tried it their way, it sucks, we can do better.”

So I say, let them have the wall. He says it will cost $25 billion, then give it to him. As soon as it goes over budget (and it will, everything always goes over budget), start railing on how Trump lied to the people and how the wall was bankrupting our country and putting us further into debt. I am sure there will be plenty of stories about fraud and corruption in respect to the companies building the wall, make sure to highlight those (hell, even if they are not true, just float out some fake stories, not like facts matter anymore). And then, as sections of the wall are complete (because seriously, there is no way this entire wall would be done in four years), keep pointing out how illegal drugs are still getting into the country. Or how there are still illegal immigrants here. Make sure people know that the wall is not working.

I remember when Trump first started talking about his giant wall and how it was going to solve all of our countries problems. Illegal aliens would stop pouring into the country, bringing with them tons of drugs. Also, rape would stop. As soon as someone would start blabbing about Trump building a wall, I would usually go into some lecture about how net immigration from Mexico is at an all-time low. Or that more drugs come into the country via plane or ship (or good old fashioned tractor trailer) as opposed to drug mules. I argued that more illegal immigrants are here on expired student/work visas than from hiring a coyote to sneak across the border.

Did all of that stuff work? No, those people just took those stupid facts and turned them into more anti-immigration talking points. Now instead of just being against Mexicans coming here, they hate the Dreamers (get real people, up until last year, how many people actually knew or cared about this group?), they hate anyone with a visa, they hate foreign students (universities love foreign students, they get to charge them ridiculous amounts of money), they hate refugees, and basically any group that comes here that is not from Norway…so instead of giving them more groups to hate by giving them facts, just give them the stupid wall.

And before someone says “but Josh, that is $25 billion that could better spent…” On what? They are cutting all the funding to stuff anyways, the money will not be spent on something better, if anything, it will be for more tanks that the military will say they do not need. So just build the damn wall. Watching it fail miserably will be money well spent. Trust me.

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