King’s Dark Tidings: Legends of Ahn

Remember when I thought that maybe Kel Kade was not a real author and could be Brent Weeks or someone else? Well I have received a few emails and comments from people who actually think I may be on to something (although the usual guess is Patrick Rothfuss–and I honestly think the only reason is because Nick Podehl reads both series). And Kel Kade did like the Tweet that linked to that post, sooooo that clearly means I am right. Or not. Especially since it was just announced that Kel Kade signed a book deal with Tor. I mean, yes, Kade could still be a pseudonym for someone, but I highly doubt that it is Weeks, since he is signed at Orbit Books.

Anyways, despite the mystery of the author’s identity, the third book, Legends of Ahn, was pretty damn good. I was a little worried going into this book that Rezkin could become boring, since it seems like no one can defeat him. Well it turns out, he does have limits and they just happen to not be human. I am starting to wonder about Rezkin’s lineage. Is he part human/part demon? I do not want to give too much away, but I definitely think people need to give this series a try. Okay, spoilers ahead…

I loved how he had a bit of a mental break when they entered the fortress. I mean, he starts forgetting people as they leave his vision, which for him causes him to immediately mistrust everyone around him. The Strikers explain it as if his mind is always at that heightened level and it is finally catching up with him. I am thinking the Fortress (or Fae) are testing him some way (it definitely seems like his Elven protectors are trying to push him).

I also think it is pretty obvious that Rezkin has magical powers. I do not think he has mage powers, but something else. The assassins believe he is some dark god incarnate (or something like that, Rheal Ghesh–however you spell it). He is able to activate all of the palace stuff by willing it to do what he wants. Maybe he has some elvish blood in him.

And finally, what are the odds that Caedeon has some connection to the demons? The massive demon army will be tied to the King and Rezkin will have to lead his army and the Fae against them. In fact, that will be the reason behind Bordran giving Rezkin such power and authority, because he knew that the child would have a legitimate claim (so some sort of relative), but is also connected to the Fae…yep, this prediction will most likely turn out way wrong.