2018 Could Be a Great Sci-Fi Year

It looks like we could have some really great science fiction movies and television coming out in 2018. I mean, aside from all of the great comic book movies and Solo: A Star Wars Story, which are definitely worth getting aside over. Here are three that I am particularly excited for…

This is from director Duncan Jones, who already has the great Moon under his belt (also Warcraft, which I heard was not horrible, but did not live up to what WOW fans hoped?). This is coming out on Netflix pretty soon and looks pretty cool (the trailer is definitely NSFW).

Altered Carbon is a new series coming to Netflix (I guess Netflix has decided to corner the market on Blade Runner-esque movies and shows, which is fine by me). First of all, I love Joel Kinnaman (maybe a slight man-crush), so it was already guaranteed that I would watch this one. But the premise just sounds great: people live forever by growing new bodies and inserting their minds into them (I have never read the book this is based, so do not comment a bunch of corrections). Anyways, this one comes out tomorrow!

Westworld was probably one of the best shows on television in recent years. It was a shame that more of my friends did not watch it. I swear Offord and I had very in-depth text discussions after each episode, either theorizing or just praising the acting. I imagine that season two will do the same!

I absolutely loved Ex Machina and Annihilation is director Alex Garland’s follow up. I made the mistake of reading comments about the trailer on Nerdist, where fans of the book (which I have never read) were freaking out that this looks nothing like the book and Garland is ruining it! Fans are the worst. I think the movie looks cool. Scary sci-fi is also one of my favorite sub-genres (which is weird since I am not a huge fan of straight up horror movies).

Anyways, what science fiction stuff are you excited for this year?


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2 thoughts on “2018 Could Be a Great Sci-Fi Year

  1. Westworld and Annihilation I’m lukewarm on, but Altered Carbon is one of my favorite books, and I hope to start watching tonight. It’s all about free time. Thanks for the heads-up on Mute – I’d been totally in the dark on that one.

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