Be Classy Penn State!

By now we have all heard about the problems over at Ohio State. There are serious questions as to whether or not Urban Meyer will be fired. Naturally this has led many Penn State fans to rejoice and start mocking the Buckeyes.

I hate to be the buzzkill here, but perhaps mocking a coach for failing to adequately deal with some kind of abuse allegations is not the best look for Penn State fans. I think we have had to deal with plenty of accusations, jokes, taunts, and everything else these past few years in regards to Sandusky and whether or not JoePa knew.

Naturally fans making fun of one another is part of the sport. I do not expect that to change. As a Penn State fan, I hate when other fans try to make all of us out to be pedophiles. So I would probably ask our fans not to do the same to Ohio State fans (well, not calling them pedophiles, but abusers).

One of the things I keep seeing on social media is a call to PSU fans to wear a wife-beater to the PSU/OSU “whiteout” game this year. Ugh. That is definitely classless. Remember when Rutgers had those “Ped State” shirts and banners? Do we want to be like Rutgers fans? Absolutely not.

So instead of going the classless, tasteless joke route, I believe we should do something that is helpful, but also serves as a dig on Ohio State. What do I have in mind? Well, I think Penn State fans should organize a donation to a Columbus domestic violence shelter. If we can raise enough money, we can let them know about it and make sure they hang a plaque in the lobby somewhere that says something like “Generously donated by the fans of Penn State.”

I have a couple of shelters in mind.
Ohio Domestic Violence Network
Choices for Victims of Domestic Violence

If you like this idea, then please share this post. If you are interested in donating as one large group, let me know and I can set something up.

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