Near Death

The roads were terrible today. Probably the worst I have seen them in a long time. It took me an hour to get to work. My drive home was not much better.

I picked Payton up from daycare and we hit the highway around 5:45. I was on Rt. 219, before the St. Michael exit (everything bad happens near that damn exit) when this guy decides to pass me. I was doing 30 mph, the road was very slippery.

He passes me doing close to 50, once he is past me, he tries to get back in the right lane. That is when things go wrong for the idiot. He starts to slide, then he must have panicked and cut the wheel. He goes sideways and then spins around, sliding down into a ditch.

At this point, I slow way down, probably to 15 mph. He decides to not slow down or stop his car, instead he guns it to get out of the snow. Momentum must have been on his side because he does not get stuck and makes it back up onto berm. Now, instead of slowing down and trying to merge with traffic (there are probably five cars behind me), he instead just keeps going. Like, he is right beside me. I had to speed up a bit to avoid being hit.

He then floors it and goes out around me to pass again. I never want to see someone hurt or get into an accident, but I was hoping he would end up off the road again.

It really pissed me off. I could actually feel my ears getting red with how mad I was at the guy. Why are people so dumb?*

*No one needs to remind me of the numerous times that I was probably that guy in my younger days…

2 thoughts on “Near Death

  1. It’s one thing when people are like that when you’re by yourself, but it had to make you 10x as mad because he’s endangering your kid. What a dick.

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