New Zealand Is Not Australia

I know everyone has heard about the horrible shootings at New Zealand mosques. I think most of you know where I stand on guns and laws. It is refreshing to hear leaders of a country want to take swift action after a tragedy like this, instead of offering thoughts & prayers.

This post is about this annoying tendency of people to confuse Australia & New Zealand. I swear every person I have heard talking about the shooting has said “I thought Australia had strong gun laws.” Is this something FoxNews is saying? Or perhaps the NRA? New Zealand is a different country.

See on the map, New Zealand is red. Australia is the place to the northwest. Remember, New Zealand is where they filmed the Lord of the Rings movies…I mean, just look at it.

And this is Australia. You know, where they filmed Mad Max

See the difference? Stop confusing the two places!*

*I purposely looked for the worst possible pictures of Australia, I know that the island is huge and has tons of beautiful parts. No one needs to freak out on me.