Crazy Cults

I forgot to talk about this over Christmas, but now I have some free time and wanted to let you all know about my two experiences at church last month. Most of you who know me, know that I am an atheist. I have studied most religions, and my major let me focus on Judaism/Early Christianity. The things I noticed at church made me laugh, but also bothered me in a way.

The first trip was for my grandmother’s funeral. My mother’s family is Russian Orthodox. If you have not experienced it, well you are not missing much. The entire service is basically chanted, I believe in a mixture of Russian/Greek/Latin. They shake an assload of nasty incense.

One of the things that really bothered me is that if it is not in English, then most of the people probably cannot understand what is going on. I would bet that 90% at the church have no clue why any of the little rituals they are doing are actually done.

The second painful experience was on Christmas Eve at Kacie’s church, which I think was Lutheran. Wow, talk about a cult-like group. The pastor had a good little sermon about the whole “War on Christmas” problem (Merry Christmas vs. Happy Holidays). He basically was pointing out that it does not matter what people say, but actually following Jesus’ message. And that is something I agree with. Even though I do not believe in God, does not mean that I cannot look at the message of Jesus and go, “huh, that’s a pretty good moral code to live by.” Not that I live by it, but you get my drift.

Unfortunately, as soon as he was down telling everyone about how to follow Jesus’ message more, they then start doing crazy prayers and ritualistic chanting. I seriously expected someone to bring a goat out and cut it’s throat. This is what bothers me, everyone reads the Bible, and misses some of the bigger points of what Jesus did. He was most likely very against the idea of a church. Especially since most of the crap about how to worship in a church comes from the letters of Paul, a guy who never even knew Jesus.

Okay, I will stop here. I know that I could end up pissing everyone off.

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  1. Offord:

    I too had an annoying religious experience over xmas break; my friend Tim’s wedding. I don’t think he’s even very religious, nor does he attend the church where the service took place, but the ceremony was so preachy I almost laughed out loud numerous times. I too am an atheist, but my opinion is that relgion is fine when it gives people a meaning in life, because let’s face it, death is a lot scarier if you don’t believe in an afterlife. So, my point is that I give it a chance and try not to judge because people have the right to believe what they believe. The ceremony, however, was nothing but the reverend talking about how god is love and love is god and blah blah blah for like an hour. Over and over again we prayed, and just kept repeating the same crap, I wanted to throw Bibles at him. My point is, relgion is fine, but if they are going to preach keep it at a minimum because everyone at the church isn’t there to pray 48 times in an hour.

  2. dude. the whole thing about ur cousin. thats just sick. there must be something wrong with you if you even THINK your own cousin has a nice rack. in your previous entry.

  3. Wow, who is this that remains anonymous? and posts about comments in a completely different topic?

    i guess you didn’t read the next line, it said that it was gross, but that i would hook someone up…anyways, have a sense of humor, or do not read this.

  4. I lost my grandmother about a year ago and I thought the services were real nice. You sound real cold man! More into the things you didn’t get out of it then the real purpose of being there.

  5. hey, why are you afraid to post your name? hell, give me an IM name or whatever. if you want to discuss my beliefs, let me know. i have absolutely no love for my grandmother, I was only there for my mom. You have no idea what I have went through with my mom’s family, especially my grandparents.

  6. Seriously people, start posting your name, or I will begin moderating comments. I hate when people say things and do not let me know who they are.

  7. The anonymous comments only seem to bother you if they are negative about what you write. You need to take the good with the bad.

  8. No, these are pretty much the only anonymous comments I have gotten. the first couple i have received, I knew who they were from.

    And these anonymous comments have nothing good to say, so how can I take the good with the bad?

  9. Well Josh, I feel sorry for you. I can’t believe how cold you are toward your mothers side of the family. If you ever want to hear the TRUTH come and see me, you know here I live. I also know that, you are your mother’s son, and you never will. Hatred and immorality is so much easier. Your grandmother loved you and your brother. It was obvious you were afraid to show any respect toward your grandfather What would your mother say if she saw you shaking his hand.
    Uncle Jack

    Athiest?? Why did you accept
    Christmas gifts. Oh Holiday gifts right?? CRAP!!!!

  10. Oh Jack you are treading on dangerous ground. DO NOT ever make remarks about my boys. They are good kids who DO know the TRUTH!! Who’s truth do you want to give them? Yours, Charlie’s, or maybe your new trashy sister in law, Suzy? I spoke to my mom many times and she knew why the boys did not come around. You people seriously need to get over what happened. I had an affair and I fell in love. I didn’t kill anyone which is the way you all are acting. The only ones hurt by what I did was Josh & Adam & they have forgiven me. Before you judge my children maybe you should look at your own.
    As for my mom, I spent hours up home and you never once spoke to me and I told my boys that. At the funeral home hell my “dad” never even spoke to any of us. Mark,Shell and Tim were the only ones who spoke to us out of the “adults”.You walked around like you owned the place. Come down off your high horse Jack and join the real world. People make mistakes, they don’t always do things we agree with but that’s life.

  11. Well all I can say is my dad was saying nothing to JOSH about any affair or divorce. The family is pissed about the lack of respect that was shown toward gram and pap.Josh you basically told anyone who reads your site that you had no love for our grandmother, and made “fun” of her funeral and the the things that went on there. How can you live with yourself for that, have you no heart or feelings other than hatred?? Your grandmother did love you guys and always wondered what she ever did to make you hate her, and she never spoke to anyone about why you never went to see her. She couldn’t keep a secret to save her soul and would have told someone if she had spoke to you,Adam or your mom. Why is it that everything has to do with your mother’s affair-REALLY noone cares enough to bother even mentioning it.KAYSE

  12. Wow, where to begin?

    Uncle Jack,
    First of all, let me just say that you need to work on your grammar and your spelling. I know that it’s not really THAT important, BUT, it’s a little difficult taking a comment seriously when you have trouble understanding it. Once I did make sense of it, though, I had to laugh… for a while. You asked Josh how he could be so cold toward Mom’s side of the family. You asked JOSH how HE could be so cold. Are you kidding me? After the divorce, Josh didn’t turn his back on our mom like her sisters and parents did. I don’t know why they did it, and honestly, I don’t care anymore. All I know is this: Mom was going through a really hard time, and the people she needed to be there for her the most abandoned her. I could never do that to Josh, and I know he could never do that to me. No matter what he’s ever done, I’ve always been there for him, and I always will be. Would you, Aunt Shell, and Kayse ever give up on Lindsey? I would hope not. That’s what Gram, Pap, and Aunt Shell did to my mom. After saying that Josh is cold, you said that he was afraid to show respect towards Pap. The last time I saw Pap, he slammed me against a wall. How could Josh show respect for a guy who did that to his own brother? And lastly, you asked Josh how he could accept Christmas gifts if he’s Atheist. You don’t have to believe in God to give and receive gifts. It’s just a tradition.

    Josh and I couldn’t care less if the family is pissed at us. We haven’t really seen or talked to any of you in 7 years. The reason Josh and I have no love for that side of the family is simple. How could we care about the people who hurt the person we care about the most? Why is that so hard to believe? Do you think Reagan would care about you if you turned your back on her someday? Or, better yet, Imagine this: someday, you do something, doesn’t matter what it is, and your mom, dad, and Lindsey abandon you. They won’t forgive you. They won’t talk to you. They still stay in touch with Allen (not sure how he spells it), but not you. That would crush you, but at least you still have Reagan on your side through it all. Do you think Reagan, after your parents and sister hurt you so badly would forgive them or care about them anymore? I would think not. Anyway, it should be no surprise that an Atheist would find Church services to be ridiculous. You’re probably thinking, “Well if you guys weren’t going to show respect, and if Josh is Atheist, why even go?” Good question. I was thinking that myself. Neither of us wanted to go. We only went to be there for our mom.

  13. Kyra,
    You and your ‘boys’ are really losing focus here. This all started when Josh decided to write about our mom on a public site.
    Now I only have one question to ask. You sat near mom while she was dying and you told her you loved her, right? Then why would you be ok with him speaking so cruel now that she’s gone? Was it all a lie?
    Mom is gone, she can’t defend herself, so please just leave her alone!!! Denise

  14. First off, I never get the ambition to write on josh’s blog, because i have to read it anyway, but these comments are ridiculous! As you may or may not know Josh and I have been together for 2 years. I, being a religious “nut” (says Josh), have no problem the way Josh thinks. What is so truly offensive to you? Your religion should be about who you are inside, not really about whats going on around you, other then to spread the word of GOD. I see that it is not what GOD believes in that matters to you, but it’s more about your comfort. Josh is an atheist, I have accepted this. My mother has not, but I understand some people haven’t found that connection, some people weren’t brought up that way. Does that make them bad people? I surely hope not. Josh knows more about religion then anyone commenting on this blog, which people fail to acknowledge, and for that hasn’t decided his relationship with GOD. During Christmas service even I, an every Sunday church attendee felt that from an outsider it would seem cultish. Chanting, praying and singing songs in unison. That doesn’t seem cultish to you? I think that and have been going to church my whole life. And on the topic of Christmas presents!! Do you really need an excuse to give presents? That’s what Christmas is all about.
    No one, not even GOD said life was going to be easy but seriously, this family stuff has to go. I love Kyra more than anything. She has been my second mother, and I have come to her with anything i have been troubled with. She has always, from day one, been there when i had questions or needed support, and for that, i love her as my own family. The fact that i truly don’t know what family stuff is going on doesn’t mean much to me. What i do know is you have hurt her, josh, and Adam, the three people i love the most. i don’t really understand how your family operates, but what i do know is that you will always love family forever, not just until they make a “mistake”, or do something you don’t approve of, you talk to them you check up on them, see how they are doing. Hell, my family is divorced and my mom’s moms, and sisters, still call my dad to see what my dad is up to, and how he is doing. This family feud is absurd. Anyone who is married should understand love, it is uncontrollable. Welcome to the 21st century. Divorce is second nature to families now. Do you not know what happens in the real world? Do you read magazines? Newspapers? You all have hurt the three of them, with Harmon the four of them, so much, which in turn hurts me. No matter what, people should always be able to count on their family to back them up for support and love. From what I have seen, well I haven’t’ seen any of you, and I have come around quite a bit, is that you have deeply hurt Kyra, Harmon, Josh, and Adam. In addition, a lack of respect?!?!?!? How can they seriously respect someone that has wanted nothing to do with their upbringing? How can you seriously show remorse for someone you don’t even know? Much less someone who has had such a negative impact on their mother? They haven’t had aunts and uncles to confide in, to have their first drink with, or to introduce their girlfriend to. You have missed so much of their growing up experience, and the sad fact is you think it’s justifiable. Some one has caused you such a discomfort that you need to never talk to them again. Wow! The only way I seriously would never talk to someone I love again is if that person committed a slew of murders and possibly cut off my finger and maybe killed my mom in front of me. Did Kyra do that? Can a divorce hurt you as much as that? I feel your family has a problem! Right now I cant say anything, I haven’t met you, and I’m sure you’re all lovely people, but what I do know is Kyra didn’t kill anyone, and obviously didn’t kill your mom, so I think she still should be a person you love and cherish, confide to, and hold dear to your heart, just like I do.
    People posting on josh’s blog should seriously get a grip, especially family members who don’t even know him. Josh created this blog for friends who understand his life, and his sense of humor. If you don’t understand that his humorous style can get a bit vulgar and foul at times, yet still a joke, then you don’t know him thus you shouldn’t be reading his Blog. This is a journal where he is able to write how he feels on certain issues. This is his space to vent about things and to talk about things he’s interested in, which I noticed you had no comments on. This is not a stalking my space page, or a place where “bad ” people go for tips on young teens. This is Josh’s blog, his diary. Some people write them in books, others find them easy to type. No ones going to find your daughter A) by her first name, B) because josh says she has a nice rack. Hell, my sister has a better rack then I do. I tell people that all the time, am I a bad person for it? Am I pervert? No!!!! You have taken words written from your nephews silly imagination, and twisted them with your own hatred of their family, then stated your extreme disappointment in something that wasn’t harming you or youth family in any way!! Do you seriously have that much time on your hands? It saddens me to see such hatred in people.
    Josh is a fantastic man. He loves and cherishes his family and would do anything for Kyra, Adam, or Harmon. You folks should wish you were lucky enough to have that. He is faithful, loving, and kind, all the attributes you so easily skipped over. I hope now I belong with those four people, because I feel that they are the most forward, very loving, supportive families out there, and can only wish I could have something half that great when I have a family. You should look and see if this feud is worth missing so much of your family’s life.


  15. Kacie,
    You have only heard one side of ALL this, so stay out of it. You have no idea what your talking about. Once again, this is not about religion or a stupid divorce. We weren’t getting along way before the divorce and they all know this! This is about our mother, who we still love and miss very much.

    Mom’s Family

  16. I wasn’t going to respond to any of these again until I read your comment Denise. Maybe you should learn to read. Where in Josh’s original blog does he make fun of mom?He speaks of the religion at her funeral. That is not mom. Mom and the religion are 2 separate things.And DO NOT ever question my love for my mother. I loved mom deeply and was kept from her because of stupidity, which was her word about the whole thing. She used to say to me that for some reason her kids were not happy unless they were fighting with someone. I see nothing has changed. Now I know you are going to say it’s only me that you can’t get along with but we all know that’s not true. None of you were speaking to Shell before this happened to mom.You and our younger sister sat right in my living room and told me that yourselves so don’t try to deny it.There were many other things that mom and I talked about before she got really sick. So Kayse you are wrong when you said she couldn’t keep a secret, she could if it meant she didn’t want any more trouble. The only other thing I will tell you that we talked about is this, Kayse you keep talking about respect but I seriously have to wonder if you know what it means. My boys hardly knew their grandparents. Even before their dad and I divorced my parents never came to see them and we very rarely visited them. Not sure why it just happened that way.I think if Shell is honest with herself she will remember her and I talking on the phone and me telling her that the only time mom and dad came to my house was when they were invited, birthdays, christmas,parties and what not.But the statement I wanted to make was I said to mom that I blamed dad for this family being the way it is. My exact words to her were that if he would grow balls and put his foot down and stop letting his kids run the family things would not be such a mess. Mom replied that she said the same thing to our dad many times, maybe not in those same words ( she laughed)but for some reason he was afraid to say anything. I have no respect for a man like that, I have no respect for a man who can throw away a child like yesterdays newspaper because he didn’t “agree” with what she did.When I asked him 7 yrs ago if he would rather I stayed miserable in a marriage then to get a divorce and be happy he actually said yes.Now tell me how do I respect a man like that? How do you respect a man that throws his grandson up against a wall because he chose to live with his mother? Kayse I hope you’re starting to understand the word respect but in case you can’t let me give you an example of someone I respected through all of this. After your mom and I had words at the hospital, and only your mom can answer this, she did a 360 degree turn around. She did everything she could to keep me involved and to keep peace during moms final days. At the funeral home Kayse you couldn’t sit still for 5 seconds. Talk about no respect.I even made the comment, louder than I thought, that I wished I had one of those clickers to count how many times you walked up and down that hall. Someone sitting nearer than I realized heard me and remarked , I doubt it would go that high. It was a family member and no it wasn’t my boys or my husband. So I wasn’t the only one who noticed it. So let’s not talk about my boys and no respect. But now back to your mother, at the funeral home she was a real class act.She portrayed herself in such a way that mom would have been very very proud of her.Even through her own grief she took the time to be concerned about others, she took the time to speak to everyone and to make sure everyone was ok, maybe even some she probably didn’t like.She became the oldest sister and set everything else aside for mom. Now that is someone who deserves RESPECT, she truly earned it through all of this and for that I thank her.
    Finally I would like to direct this mainly to Mark and Denise, first off I am shocked you were allowed to respond on this site Denise since Mark made all the comments abour what a horrible sight and only predators and look at me types use this site. Obvisiously you all read this site. Why did he not “demand” you to stay off. He said he “demands” his children not to use it. How do you “demand” someone to do or not do something? That sounds like something out of the stone age when women and children had no voice. Those days are over.Demand is a very strong word and you should be very careful how you use it. It’s like the word “hate” it only has 4 little letters but it can be a very powerful word.
    And now as Kacie said, this is Josh’s site. These are his thoughts, if you do not like what he has to say then stay off it. Noone is forcing you or demanding that you read it. At least I hope not.As she said if you knew Josh at all you would know his beliefs and know what is sense of humor is like. He has his own thoughts, his own beliefs and he doesn’t feel the need to go along with everyone so he fits in.He knows more about religion then all of us put together. He studied it for years and even went to Jordan and Egypt and saw and did things we can only see on TV or read about in a book. I have a lot of “respect” for Josh for being his own person and for standing up for what he believes. Imagine what this world would be like if we all had the same taste, the same beliefs,and we all agreed on the same issues? What a boring world it would be. That is what makes us all individuals.That is what makes us who we are, we all have our own opinions and we are allowed to voice them,that is why we are a free country. Please stop reading more into all this then what is actually there.Mark, Josh never mentioned your daughters name so I am positive noone knew who he was talking about. I am sure the people who read his blog have no idea what my maiden name is let alone who my sisters are and who they are married to.I didn’t like the comment either but it wasn’t made to cause anyone any harm. Like I said if you knew Josh at all you would have shrugged it off. I just want all this to end. I want to go back to my peaceful little world before all this happened. I can’t take all this fighting and turmoil. Sure I fight with my sisters but no matter how angry we make each other we have never stayed mad at one another for more than a day.That is the way a family should be. You have to learn to let things go.

  17. Kyra,
    Mark doesn’t approve of this site for his kids. We try to teach our kids right from wrong and to not post personal things on a public place if you don’t want trouble. That’s what parents do. Have you ever tried it?! We have never been to my space until we heard what Josh had written. No one cared about what he had on here until he put something about us. Did you miss the part where he says he hates his grandmother? Of course you did, because once again you NEVER do anything wrong and are always a victim. I know I’m wasting my time here, talking to such ‘perfect’ people, who have never lied or caused any touble or heartache in this family. Like when you sat up at mom and dad’s the morning you stayed out all night and they fed you and offered you a place to stay and you made a complete fool out them by lying about where you were and all the abuse you were getting in your marriage. You have caused your parents nothing but heartache for so many years that they had to write you out, they could not take it anymore. Oh, and this is the thanks we get for putting aside our differnces and coming to your home and letting you know about mom being sick and crying with you. I guess we’ll never learn!

  18. First off Denise, Josh is 26 yrs old. He is an adult and I can no longer tell him what to do.And no I didn’t miss that part. Those are his feelings. I can’t tell him how he has to feel. I can’t control his thoughts or what is in his heart. Maybe you should try something new. Step out of your little soap opera world you live in and join the real world. Try getting a job and interacting with REAL people and not soap opera people. I never claimed to be a victim. I never claimed to be perfect. Those are all your words.I did the best job I could as a single parent and am very proud of my boys.If I could go back and change the way I handled my divorce I would but I can’t. I would DEFINITELY have done things differently.Very differently! But that part of my life is over and I have put it behind me. As for Kacie saying what is on her mind, she has every right. She loves Josh and what affects him affects her. You were right about one thing though, we weren’t getting along before the divorce. You and I never really did get along. But to say Shell and I weren’t getting along is a lie. We spoke everyday.That is something I missed a lot but that part of my life is over. I have accepted this and moved on. You sound so bitter and so angry, I actually find myself feeling sorry for you. As for me not appreciating what mom did for me you are wrong, again. That is what parents are supposed to do Denise. They support their kids through the good times and the bad. You can’t pick and choose when you want your children in your life. My door is always open to my kids. You make it sound like once your kids are grown and move out that’s it, your job is done. It don’t work that way. If that’s your thinking then I feel sorry for your kids and I pray they never get into any trouble because they won’t have your support.And don’t think that because you THINK you are doing everything RIGHT in raising your kids that things can’t go wrong. I can attest they do and so can Shell. But we don’t stop loving them and we don’t stop supporting them. They need us even more when they are in trouble and are hurting. I would love to keep gone but I have a job and need to get to work…… Kyra

  19. I give up! I don’t know what you see when you read. And you can say whatever you need to about me, if it makes you feel better about yourself, then go for it! But like I said, If he wouldn’t have mentioned anything about mom this would not be taking place. Your right, you never stop being a mother. So why didn’t you explain to Josh (and yes you can still tell a 26 year old) that he was wrong to say ANYTHING about the woman you claim to love.

  20. Where to begin? This has been interesting, and definitely my most commented on post to date, which is depressing because I have written much more interesting things and wish people could get as angry/excited over 24 or Heroes, as they are over this, but that is life for ya.

    Honestly, when I wrote this post, I half expected random people to take offense, about the whole religious angle, which I would not have had a problem with at all, but again that is life for ya.

    First and foremost, I would like to apologize to someone. My cousin, who I will not name, for the insensitive remarks I made concerning breasts. It was a joke, but I can understand Uncle Mark’s reason for being upset. Therefore, I have removed the entire post where the comment was originally made. It may take blogspot a few hours to actually delete the permanent link, but I did remove it. Anyways, I apologize for that. I guess you guys would not get my sense of humor with my friends, which is no one’s fault, I have a bizarre sense of humor. Again, I am truly sorry for the comment, it was written without thought that anyone, but a few of my friends and some others read it.

    Now, about other things that were said. Well those things I will not apologize for, although some clarification needs to be made, since many of you do not seem to understand what I say.

    In the original post, entitled Crazy Cults, I never say anything about my grandmother. All I was talking about was the funeral. Later in the comments I said I had “no love for my grandmother.” Everyone has implied that to mean that I hated her. I never said I hated her. Indifference. That is how I have felt for my mother’s family for many years now.

    I know that many of you will now blame my mother for that feeling, but it is not her fault. After the split, she encouraged me to still contact with her side of the family, and I tried to. I came up on Christmas and 4th of July (remember, I went to school in Erie, hard to come home…hell Uncle Mark even took me back to Gannon one weekend.)

    It was not until my 21st birthday, at my Dad’s house when things started to change. I lost complete respect for Pap because he did slam my brother into a wall, to me that was totally unacceptable.

    I also grew tired of the times I did come around, you folks felt the need to make comments about my mom. I was having enough problems in my life, I did not need to have you people constantly belittling my mother.

    So okay, a rift began to grow between us (me and my mom’s family). Did any of you try and fix that? When I moved to State College did any of you come over or call me? My phone number used to be in the phone book, until I got a cell phone. Also, you all seem to be interested enough in me to sit and monitor what I write, well why not just say, “hey Josh, how have you been???”

    Uncle Jack: if you would like to tell me the TRUTH, as you call it, fine. Go for it. My email is on this site. I do not have a car, and I definitely do not plan on taking a cab to Osceola Mills. Sorry, just the way it is. I do not leave the confines of State College anymore, I work way too much, and when I have time off, I like to spend it with Kacie.

    Yes, I give and receive Christmas presents. I could explain that this is a more Pagan idea than a Christian one, but it really does not matter. I like giving people presents and I like getting them. Sorry if my lack of religiosity bothers you.

    To everyone else: Remember, this is my site. I try to keep the posts (not the comments) clean and without too many personal things about myself. Not because I am concerned about people knowing who I am, but instead to not let this become one of those whiny blogs. I try to give insight and provoke discussion on a few different topics, generally TV shows, comic books (which no one ever cares about), movies, music, social issues, and even religion. If you do not like what I say, then do not read it. The comments about gram were only made after someone said:

    “I lost my grandmother about a year ago and I thought the services were real nice. You sound real cold man! More into the things you didn’t get out of it then the real purpose of being there.”

    Up until that point, I never said anything bad about her, and I still really never said anything bad, which I explained above.

    Anyways, I am done with this. I will be writing about other things. Feel free to continue reading and to continue posting. I still have not decided on moderating comments, please do not force me to do so. Keep things in the right posts, if you want continue discussing this, keep it in this one, please do not let this spill over into other posts I have written.

    Wow, at first I could not think what to write, and was going to just write PINK TACO 1000 times. I believe Jim Nolte would love that.

  21. hello.

    everyone that knows me will find several things to be true about me:
    1) i strongly dislike religious belief, i think it makes people hateful and weak
    2) i hate arguments that fail to use reason
    3) avoiding emotional responses is a higher quality

    i believe several basic tenets as well
    1) everyone lies
    2) everyone acts from their own self-motivation, and every action is carried out and understandable only from this perspective

    this is an emotional argument, filled with misinterpretion and a coloring of the facts.

    josh is right, he didn’t make demeaning comments to his grandmother, his comment clearly stated a neutrality of emotion, which is not disrespectful, lying would be disrespectful, pretending to care would be disrespectful, the truth may be simply painful, but it has the advantage of being the truth.

    its difficult to justify criticizing someone for not caring about you, or someone else, when these parties make no attempt to interact with the object of their criticism. to expect open arms and buckets of “love” is ridiculous.

    its your own shortcomings and betrayals that are coming through. its sad that it has to manifest itself in this manner. its unfair to criticize a child’s mother in front of them, and the lesson it teaches a child, of any age, of familial love and commitment is clearly not a positive one.

    the criticisms of coldness, stemming from a lack of appreciation of a religious ceremony, are simply weak arguments and criticisms. cold is being able to allow people to abuse animals, or hurt living things. not respecting an imaginary anthropomorphic being which is all powerful (yet can’t seem to put the clamps down on satan)in a religious ceremony doesn’t make one cold. further, rushing to judgment about how someone mourns is not a reasonable argument either, there are many ways in which different individuals mourn and experience grief. drawing a conclusion from a personal interpretation witnessed from an emotional perspective during an emotionally taxing experience isn’t a fair criticism.


  22. Imler…thanks for the comment and support.

    Jim…imler loves to offer his insightful philosophical thoughts to anything, especially religious discussion or crazyness in general.

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