2500th Post

2500This is the 2500th post I have written! Okay that is not technically true. The post yesterday is the 2500th post, but since Samson is the author, it does not count. Also, I deleted some posts from back in the day that I did not really like and a few of the videos I posted that were removed from YouTube (not all, that would take way too long).

Regardless of the actual number, this is a pretty big milestone. It is cool to look back on those first posts and see how far I have come as a writer and a person. I remember at first not really knowing what I wanted to write about. I had some fanciful ideas about this being a sports blog or a television show blog or maybe a movie blog. As time went on, I realized that while those things are fun to write about, I could never really be someone who writes about one topic all the time. I like to use this as my place to write about anything.

As the years go on, I wonder what other changes are in store for this little blog. At one point, when we become parents, will that be all I write about? I doubt it, I mean fantasy baseball will still need recaps. I have noticed that I do not write about TV shows all that often. Probably because writing about a show is difficult. With so many people (myself included) no longer watching shows on the cable network, but instead via Hulu & other streaming services, it becomes difficult not to spoil something for someone (apologies for all the times that happened).

One of the things people ask me all the time (seriously, random folks stop me on the street and ask this…okay, not really, but at least two family members have asked me) is where do I find the time to write these posts? Well, to be honest, it does not take that much time. For example, today is my day off and Lindsey is at a doctor’s appointment, so while Samson is at the groomer (I am sure he will have something to say about that later), I sat down to write. Twenty-five minutes and this post is basically done. Some of my longer posts usually take more time, but I do those while watching TV at night.

Thank you all for reading! I hope to continue this for at least another 2500 posts. I have something huge planned for number 5000! However, since that will not be for many more years, here are my top ten favorite posts:

10. Stupid Heritage
I still believe this and could probably articulate it a bit better now.

9. Albania is Awesome
I thought this was such a funny idea. Take a country and just write some made up stuff about it. Who knew that the people of Albania would actually read it and take offense.

8. College is Overrated
I wrote about Josh Bell signing with the Pirates instead of going to college to play football and the numerous reactions from people saying he needed to go to school in case baseball did not work out for him. Again, I still stand behind what I wrote.

7. My Trip to Jordan
Many people do not know that I went to Jordan for archaeology. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I ended up writing about it years later before my memory started to fade.

6. Crazy Cults
I wrote a simple thing about how some religious services are silly and it turned into a huge fight with my mom’s insane family. Do not worry, they are still nuttier than squirrel turds.

5. The Great Baseball Debates
Okay, this one is a bit of a cheat. This is actually two posts. Ryan, Offord, and I had some pretty epic arguments about baseball. Funny how they always revolved around Adam Dunn and Ryan Howard. Sad that we wasted so much time over those two guys. Oh, and just because we no longer have these debates on here does not mean they do not happen. Now it is just through group text messages.

4. The Playoff Game
Come on, this was the greatest game I have ever been at, as well as those most meaningful. And who knew the post would actually be pretty good.

3. She Said Yes
I love rereading this post.

2. For Dad…
Okay, this one is sad, but I really do think this is probably the best thing I have ever written. I read it and usually start to tear up.

1. The Wedding
Again, this is another cheat. First of all, if you click the link, it takes you to all of our wedding posts. Between the guest posts, the clothing stuff, and the recap of the actual day, it is almost impossible to choose a favorite. Plus, there are two other wedding posts that I love to reread: Adam & Lora’s Wedding (which has a hilarious poop story) and Adam & Kayla’s Wedding (which has a funny irresponsible Josh story).

So those are my favorites, what are some of yours?