My New Shoes

As many of you who follow my blog know, I have had troubles finding a pair of shoes. Obviously, if you read that post, you will see by the date that it is over a year old.

My black Diesel shoes are starting to fall apart, they are roughly three years old, and my Adidas sneakers are easily seven years old. So, I finally sucked it up, went to Journeys and decided on a pair. As you can see, they are a pair of DC, pretty plain, no fancy graphic designs or anything.

I will probably buy a pair of Macbeth or something similar at some point. I would like to own more than one pair of shoes…

5 thoughts on “My New Shoes

  1. i like ’em… i’m a big fan of dc shoes. i get on their website every now and then and pick out all the pairs i’d like to get if i had a few hundred bucks layin around. haha

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