2012 Election: The Independents

Since I am still unsure on who to vote for, I figured I would do some research into each candidate and figure out which of them sounds the best to me.  Then I realized it might be fun to present that information to the rest of you.  Because everyone loves to have political information shoved down their throat…

This week I will do some of the independent folks.  All information comes from here.  Also, if a candidate has withdrawn from the race or I missed someone, well whatever, they must not be all that important.

Joseph Schriner
-Wants to stop global warming
-Grant immigrant amnesty
-Create a Department of Peace
-Study why war happens

-No stem cell research
-No abortions
-No gay marriage
-No evolution
-Wants taxpayers to choose which departments receive their taxes.  Sounds like the worst idea ever.

Sorry Joe, but as soon as I see the word “Creationist”, I pretty much tune out whatever else you have to say.  Also, he looks a little bit like Mike from Breaking Bad.  Mike would make a scary president.  Although, Mike would probably get some shit accomplished.

John O. Parmelle Jr.
This guy sounds like he would probably be an okay candidate.  Until you start digging into his actual real stance on topics.  He wants every business owner to hire at least one unemployed person–sounds good, but that would be such a terrible idea.

He also says that he wants to cut down on the budget by getting us away from foreign wars (as opposed to our domestic wars?).  Again, sounds like a good thing to say, but then you read his foreign policy ideas, here is his thought on China.

Ah, the “Sleeping Giant”. What are they up to? They own quite a bit of the US debt; they are reported to steal trade secrets; they are increasing their Navy and Army…with no end in sight. So why are we reducing the size of our military (addressed above)?

So he comes off at first as wanting to cut defense spending, but then you read something like that and you realize that this retired Naval Officer wants to spend more money militarily.  Sorry John, I do not think I will be giving you my support.

James Mccall
A former Home Depot employee (I really hope he was more than just a sales clerk).  He likes a free market and favors tax reform, but his might be a bit radical.  I used to agree with a flat national sales tax, but not so much anymore.  I do believe there needs to be tax reform, but to what extent, I cannot say.  

Unfortunately, some of his statements sound a little crazy for my tastes.  For example:
-He wants to withdraw from the United Nations
-Secure national reserves of medicine, water, and fresh food in case of a disaster.
-Suspend immigration.
-End negative effects of the 15 million illegal immigrants in this country.
-Do not buy oil from overseas or buy products from China.

What does this sound like to you?  To me, he sounds like a Doomsday (2012 MAYAN PROPHECY) nut.  We need to stock up for when the stars align and the world ends.  Also, he probably believes that the UN controls the world and forces us to buy poisoned products from China.  The UN probably has some interest in overseas oil.  So yeah, he is probably a conspiracy nut.

And seriously, what does end the negative effects of illegal immigrants mean?  Does that sound a little scary to anyone else?

Jill Stein
She is the Green Party Candidate.  The Green Party sounds pretty good.  At the end of the day though, they are just a bit too hippy for me.  “Hey man, lets all be good to each other.”  That is not really all that fair.  I would probably vote for Stein.

I like the ideals they stand for, even if some of them are far-fetched at the moment:
-Convert to renewable energy sources now (also reduce emissions now).  This is something I agree with, but I believe it will be insanely costly to do it on a mass scale over a short period of time.  I have no facts to back that up, but it just seems to make sense.

-I like the progressive tax.  Also, cutting defense spending and focusing that money is also something that makes sense.  Although, if you cut defense spending in half (or to a level more aligned with the rest of the world), how many jobs would that lose?  Should these defense contractors start manufacturing other goods?  Something to consider.

I always wonder what would happen if a Green Party candidate was elected.  Would both parties fight them tooth and nail on every decision?  Would the person switch to the Democrat side just so they would have their back?  It would be interesting….

Gary Johnson
Gary is the Libertarian Party candidate.  Again, this is another party that I can get behind some of their stuff.  But, then they start rattling off how the government should not be involved in anything and you have to question some of it.

For example:  he wants to get rid of the minimum wage.  I guess in theory this could work.  Unfortunately, I highly doubt this would work.  Almost the same as the living-wage is probably a bad idea by the Green Party.  Talk about polar opposites.

Honestly, the Libertarian Party has the same problem as the Green Party (they should just combine).  If Gary is elected, how will the rest of government work with him?  Or will he need to tone down his ideas and basically join the Republicans?  I say Gary and Jill should run together.  Really screw with people.  Also, he has a great tan and she looks like she is one shade up from being clear.

Malcolm Reynolds
Mal is running on the Brown Party ticket.  A former military man, now he owns a small cargo business, with forays into various fields.  Let us look at some of his beliefs:
-Does not favor big government.  Fought the centralization of government, hell some would call him a revolutionary.
-Not a fan of prostitution.  Not for immoral reasons, mainly because he respects a woman for who she is, not because she is property.
-Supports free trade.  Has no problem moving goods across borders.
-Does not put much stock in that God fellow.  Maybe the only atheist candidate?
-He speaks fluent Chinese and has a respect for their culture.
-Does not like to be told what to do, will fight to the death for his beliefs.

So there you have it, some of the candidates out there.  Stay tuned for more later…


4 thoughts on “2012 Election: The Independents

  1. Campaign slogans for James Mccall
    Prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse!
    Get Off My Damn Lawn!
    We Can Do It! I Can Help (Rid the Country of Filthy Immigrants)
    Trust No One! Minus Me…
    Mccall/Mulder: Until the End of Time…

  2. Josh, good post. You and I would probably agree on a lot of things. The difference is that you live in Pennsylvania and your vote actually matters. Stupid electoral college. You cracked me up including Mal.

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