2016 Presidential Election: Prohibition Party

LowellI was going to write about some of the lesser known candidates running for president. Actually I was going to write about my political leanings, but c’mon that is no fun. Instead, I decided to look at the post from 2012 that described some of the independent candidates. I decided to look at the full election results from that year and see how some of those guys fared. Not so well since none of them seem to be listed anywhere. Okay, that is not true since Gary Johnson and Jill Stein did receive actual votes. Great job Libertarians, almost 1%! As I scrolled down to some through some of those names, I noticed Lowell Fellure of the Prohibition Party and his whopping 518 votes.

My first thought was “what the hell is the Prohibition Party?” Followed immediately by “didn’t Thomas Haden Church play Lowell on Wings?” I know what the Prohibition was, hell I watched Boardwalk Empire. But, would there still be a political party advocating for it? I suppose it is possible

Now, if you want some fun, go to that link and read about the party. And then scroll down to their national conventions. Notice how they become slightly smaller in venue.
-1928 Hotel LaSalle Chicago
-1964 Pick Congress Hotel Chicago
-1980 Motel Birmingham Alabama
-2000 Bird-in-Hand Pennsylvania
-2012 Holiday Inn Express Alabama
-2016 Conference Call

James HedgesYep, they are so dedicated to the movement that they decided to skip the convention and just decide on a candidate via conference call!

And what wonderful winner did they pick to represent the grand ol’ Prohibition Party? Jim Hedges of Pennsylvania. Way to go Jim! He was the tax assessor of Fulton County, but now he will be going up against the likes of Bernie Sanders, Hillary Clinton, and Donald Trump to see who will be the next President of the United States of America. Good luck Jim!

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