Fantasy Baseball History

“You realize in the long history of our league, I may only have finished in the playoffs worse than 2nd once, and if I did, I finished first overall in the regular season…”–Ryan.

This comment from last week’s fantasy results post got me thinking about the history of this league.  The first year of the league, which has actually had many iterations, came in 2005.  There were seven of us in the beginning.  Unfortunately, Imler and Ryan were not involved in that league.

The league in 2006 is when the core group was formed, that being Ryan, Imler, Offord, Gideon, and myself.  Since then, they have been involved every year since.  Over the years we have had many people bounce in and out.  Back in the day we had Singer’s Sluggers, who actually won at one point.  We also had Dave in there, who did quite well.  It seems like every year we struggle to find people for the league, but us five have endured.

2009 was an odd year, Offord and Ryan both created leagues.  I think it stemmed from a miscommunication about who would create the league.  After that, I think I took over creating the league from then on (Yahoo made it easier by allowing me to just continue a league year after year).

It brought me to the question of who has been the best during this time period.  I would have to say that my gut feeling would be Ryan, who won the league three years in a row.  But, I like to be sure of these things.  So I did my research.  Here is what I found:

R=Regular Season
DNP=Did Not Play
X=Did not make playoffs

So I then decided to assign points for each finish.
1st=5 points
2nd=4 points
3rd=3 points
4th=2 points
5th=1 point
Anything else=0

So yes, Ryan has been the best player in our league over the years.  In fact, he has a pretty wide lead on the rest of us.  Offord and Gideon are battling it out for second and third.  I am doing much worse than I expected.  I need to step up.

Ryan had the best regular season record of all time last season at 148-66-13.  After the playoffs he ended up with a record of 162-85-16.  It is interesting that he ended up with that many wins, yet did not win the league.  During his reign of terror, his final win totals never hit 160 (he hit 159 in 2010).

Hopefully this season will end with me earning my first championship (please guys, just give me a chance!).  Also, I hope that we can start a new era of this league, maybe expand the core to include a few more people.

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