2015 Fantasy Baseball Playoffs Week 2

Playoffs SemifinalsThis was a bit of a nail-biter! I was leading pretty much the entire time, but I was scared that things might switch on Sunday. I was also scared that it would go into a tie and the tie-breaker would be decided by the regular season record against each other, which Adam2 owns against me. (Ask Offord how much it sucks losing because of that tie-breaker…)

Kris Bryant, David Wright, Jose Altuve, and Mike Moustakas were all awesome this week. Freddie Freeman was also pretty good. In fact, everyone did pretty well, minus Chris Davis. I guess he is allowed to take a week off.

The pitching was a bit disappointing, aside from Dallas Keuchel and his two wins, sixteen strikeouts, 1.23 ERA, and 0.75 WHIP. Actually my starters were very good, but the relievers really cost me. I mean, it would be tough to compete with nine saves (does Adam2 only have relievers, nine saves and four holds).

I know what you are wondering: who am I playing in the finals? I will give you one guess? If you said “Ryan”, then you must be a genius. How does he do it every year? Obviously this is a rematch of last year and hopefully the results will be better for me.

Ryan made it to the finals by beating Gideon 7-5. That means Adam2 goes up against G-Dizzle for third place. Sean defeated Pat 5-5 for fifth place. Dustin beat Lindsey and Jason won against Offord. So Lindsey takes on Offord for the coveted ninth place!

I would like to mention how things went in Pat’s league. As I joked earlier, I beat Offord in the semifinals via the tie-breaker. However, it was pretty crazy watching last night’s Pirates/Cubs game because he had McCutchen, Fowler, and Schwarber. I had Kris Bryant and Starling Marte. There was a point in the game where Fowler was on first base and I kept thinking he would steal second, which would tie that category and give Offord the win. I then joked with him that it would be funny if that happened and then the next inning if Marte stole a base to give me back the win.

Fortunately none of that happened, but it was fun texting each other about how crazy of a finish that would be. Not nearly as crazy as this one though...

Good luck Ryan, but seriously, you are going down!

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